Hearthstone Grandmasters Season 1 Playoffs

Who would have thought that the Season 1 of Hearthstone Grandmasters is already coming to an end? This weekend, we will have the chance to see some of the best players in the world play against each other in three different regions, starting with the Playoffs on March 25th, then going into the semi-finals on the 27th, and immediately followed by Finals on the same day.

HS Grandmasters 2021

State of the game before the new expansion

If you haven’t been following the new Hearthstone season in 2022, the sad thing is that you probably did not miss out on much when it comes to deck building. When it comes to plays, there were some spectacular ones, but since the older sets had so many overpowered cards compared to newer sets, you might have seen them in the past. While this Grandmasters is quite exciting to watch, Blizzard should kind of consider changing the format a bit when entering a new year, such as starting the season with a new rotation, but that is just our opinion.


The most important thing you need to know about the format is that there are two groups, and each group is made out of 4 players. It is a double-elimination bracket, kind of, as one of the players starts off their journey in the loser’s bracket by default due to previous weeks of Hearthstone Grandmasters Season 1.

Matches are played best out of 5, like most Hearthstone competitions, and the format used for Playoffs is Conquest, where players have to win with three different decks in order to win the match.

If a player loses with the deck, they may try to win with it again.

Playoffs in Europe

The European region has some already familiar faces in the Playoffs. On top of the ladder entering the playoffs is Furyhunter, followed by xBlyzes, Bunnyhoppor, Superfake, Jarla, Seiko, Floki, and J4YOU. Furyhunter has been quite dominant when it comes to Grandmasters this season, so spectating his matches is advised.

Playoffs in Americas

Just like Europe, the Americas has familiar faces competing in the top 8, with Fled being in the lead with 10 points. Besides him, you will be able to see DimitriKazov, Pun, Pascoa, Fr0zen, GamerRvg, Monsanto, and Nalguidan compete in the fantastic Playoffs. Some of these Hearthstone players have been quite successful in the Hearthstone World Championship 2021, but we would still keep an eye on Fled, as he really made a comeback for himself this Grandmasters season.

Playoffs in Asia-Pacific

The last region, and the strongest region in competitive Hearthstone, we are going to talk about is, of course, Asia-Pacific. This is the region that has some of the biggest names in the top 8, such as Posesi, who was the winner of Hearthstone World Championship 2021. Next to him, you will be able to watch che0nsu, Mighty, okasinnsuke, lambyseries, Shaxy, Alan86, and of course, our favorite Glide user, Alutemu. If you do not have the time to tune into all matches for all regions, we really recommend watching Asia-Pacific, at least via VODs, because the matches are going to be fantastic!