Hearthstone Last Call, Road to Grandmasters and Summer Championship

Recently, the first season of Hearthstone Grandmasters was concluded, but there are still a few spots left for the World Championship via Last Call.

First up, we personally find the whole road to grandmasters and qualifying to the Hearthstone World Championship a bit odd due to the fact that players can achieve that before the new Standard rotation is even out, watching players pilot the most complicated and interesting decks is still quite exciting.

Hearthstone Last Call

How do qualifications for Grandmasters: Last Call work?

Earlier this year, we mentioned that the format got spiced up a bit by giving players who compete in Master Tour’s a chance for their spot in the Hearthstone World Championship by letting them compete in the Grandmaster Season 2, Last Call.

To participate in Last Call, players would have had to be in the top 4 of Grandmasters Season 1 in each region or to gather enough points via the Masters Tour competitions. While the players from Grandmasters Season 1 are already known, there is still a chance for players to seize their spot with the conclusion of Masters Tour Voyage to the Sunken City, which is going to be quite interesting since it is an international competition full of new talent.

Hearthstone Summer Master Championship is coming!

For those who do not know, each seasonal championship will allow the top four players to advance to the World Championship as well as reward them with a cut of the $50,000 prize pool per event. The championship features only the best that Masters Tour has to offer, which are the top 16 players with the most points through the previous three tournaments, Onyxia’s Lair, Ruins of Alterac, and the upcoming Voyage to the Sunken City.

How can you test your skill for Masters Tours?

One thing that is great about getting a chance to play in a Master Tour, the non-championship version at least, is that you can play qualifiers that run pretty much every week on Battlefy for all three regions. You can either participate in the future Master Tour by getting enough points by constantly placing high in the qualifiers or by winning one, which is a bit more difficult.

Hearthstone esports will be wild in upcoming events

If you have gotten a bit bored of seeing Demon Hunter, Face Hunter, and the other decks that have been around for the last six months or so, then it is the perfect time to tune in to the events that are about to be played. With the new Standard rotation, there are going to be quite a lot of interesting and innovative decks that feature lots of amazing cards from the new core set as well as the new expansion, Voyage to the Sunken City.

The Masters Tour: Voyage to the Sunken City will take place from April 28th until May 1st, while the date for the Masters Summer Championship is yet to be decided after the conclusion of the previously mentioned tournament.