Hearthstone Winter Veil Event – Free packs and Thrall Hero Skin

With the holiday season being upon us, Blizzard is continuing their tradition of celebrating them within some of their games, and of course, Hearthstone is included. Since the holidays are the times of giving you can expect to receive some gifts, and esports betting where you can gift yourself.

Some of the new Hearthstone collectibles can be obtained by a simple log-in, while others are obtained by other means. Here’s a full breakdown of what you can get for free at the Hearthstone Winter Veil event.

Hearthstone Winter Veil 2021

Free Standard Packs Through Playing

Similar to all other events that Hearthstone has held, you can earn yourself some packs by simply playing the game. In total, the Winter Veil event will award you with 6 packs, 3 Fractured in Alterack Valley packs, and 3 Standard packs. You will be getting 1 of each per completed quest, and you will have to complete all 3 quests to unlock them all.

The first quest is very simple, you can play 3 games in any game mode. If you are planning to just enter and concede a casual game, that will not work, since for the game to be played, one of the heroes has to drop under 15 health. Of course, you can just start a game and go AFK, but the best advice is to honestly just play the game, maybe even try climbing the ladder a bit more for better rewards.

The second quest requires you to play a specific game mode, but nothing too special as you only have to play 3 games in Ranked Standard. You do not have to win the games, just play them out, which means you can either play a meme deck and have fun or try climbing the ladder while finishing this quest.

The third, and the last quest, again require you to play a specific game mode, but this time it will be 3 games of Duels. Now, a lot of people are fans of this game mode, and a lot are not as it is not a part of the Hearthstone esports scene. If you do not happen to be a fan, it might be a bit tedious to make a new deck, but since games are relatively fast whether you win or lose here, doing 3 games here is easy.

Free Snowman Thrall Hero Skin

Not that long ago, you were able to pick up a free skin Pirate King Garrosh for Halloween by logging into the game and buying it in the shop for free. This time around, you will be able to unlock a hero skin for the Shaman class with the same methods. Why didn’t they just award this automatically we don’t know, but after you log into the game, go to the shop, click on the skin, and purchase it for free.

Snowman Thrall

Tavern Brawls

One of the classic brawls during the holidays is the Gift Exchange tavern brawl, and it is making a return in the first week of the event. In this brawl, both you and your opponent receive gifts as minions on the board, and upon destroying them, you get a bonus to help you win your game. For winning this brawl for the first time ever, you will be unlocking the Winter Veil Tread card back.

In the second week, Wacky Waxy Winter Veil will take place, where again you will be able to destroy some presents on the board to gain a legendary minion with reduced cost. By winning this brawl, you will earn a standard pack like you would in a regular brawl.

Overall, there are enough free gifts to get you back in the game over the holidays. Log back in and start flexing on these noobs.