Battlegrounds Lobby Legends (Best Match Highlights)

When it comes to Lobby Legends – Noblegarden, things went pretty much as expected. The patch that shook-up the Battlegrounds meta happened not even a week ago, and the highlight of the patch was the introduction of a new hero, Azshara, and a brand new tribe, the Naga.

Like with every new patch in Hearthstone, the new things that are added to the game are quite imbalanced, which makes this event a bit lackluster. The main reason behind that is that everyone mostly decided to rush high tavern tier Naga, specifically Tidemistress Athissa. While Orgozoa, The Tender is not a naga, this octopus was definitely the star of the show in Lobby Legends – Noblegarden.

Even if most matches went in more or less the same direction, when it comes to the TOP 8, there have been some interesting decisions that are worth mentioning.


Image Credits | Blizzard

Final Lobby Game 2 – Interesting Spellcraft Interaction By Alucard

Considering that Spellcraft is a new keyword in the game, there are tons of new interesting things to discover. However, one big brain play caught not only our eye but one of Blizzard’s commentators as well as the one made by Alucard, who played Cookie.

He had a Foe Reaper 4000 on his board and a bunch of spellcraft in his hand. As he was rerolling the tavern, he got a Replicating Menace and played all of his buffs on it, and purchased it. By doing this, he would make all of the buffs that usually last only one turn permanent instead, and he then magnetized it to his Foe Reaper 4000, making it go from 12/15 to 43/36 with Divine Shield. What a beast of a unit!

Unfortunately, as amazing of a play this was, he was facing jag-eunsae in the next fight, which was playing Tess Greymane, who was the most powerful player in the lobby at that point (and he won it too), and so Alucard got obliterated, but alas, great try.

Final Lobby Game 4 – Maks7k Shows The Power Of Toki High rolling!

Honestly, the highlight for this match is pretty much the whole match. Going for high tier units is one of the best ways to win right now if Naga is available as a tribe, and one of the best characters to high-roll Tidemistress Athissa and Orgozoa, The Tender is by playing Infinite Toki, whose hero power is “Refresh Bob’s Tavern. Include a minion from a higher Tavern Tier.” for one gold.

In this game, Maks7k eventually tripled his Tidemistress Athissa, which caused his board to have massive stats in the end-game, making no one even being able to put a scratch on him. To see how insane his board was, on the final turn, he blasted yanase on Cookie for 34 damage, and he lost only a single unit in that combat. This match was absolutely fantastic from Maks7k.


Image Credits | Blizzard

Final Lobby Game 5 – Feel The Power Of The Great Millhouse Manastorm…and Peggy Brittlebone(s)!

It is quite rare that someone is going to win the whole lobby at turn 4, but when yanase was playing Millhouse Manastorm in the 5th game of the final lobby, that was definitely the case. As he tripled his Mini-Myrmidon and got to tavern 3, he was lucky enough to discover Peggy Brittlebone. While that card might not have been the best in the previous patch, in this one, she is an absolute powerhouse if you happen to have spellcraft units and Millhouse Manastorm, who can just buy a lot of cheap cards. Eventually, he got another Peggy Brittlebone, and by purchasing a bunch of units along with some spellcraft, yanase developed a crazy board that would win him the lobby.

It is worth pointing out that this strategy paid off quite a lot even if the whole lobby was full of pirate players, and the other ones he was facing in the end game played high-roll naga. Usually, the Naga would steam over the pirates, but thanks to the Millhouse Manastorm hero power (which lets you buy units for two gold), that allowed yanase to outscale even the new overpowered tribe!

Final Lobby Game 6 – DaPeeDou tavern rush / Maks7k high-roll!

It is only appropriate that the final game of Lobby Legends – Noblegarden has an additional highlight! The first one is the bold play from DaPeeDou playing Death Speaker Blackthorn when he was on turn 3. He cleared out his board in order to afford the level up to tavern 4. While this did not win him the game, it did give him those stronger units early on to stabilize him to get a top 4.

The star of the show once again is Maks7k, as this player is just phenomenal when It comes to high-rolling. Since so many things happened in this turn, let’s go over it step by step from what could have been seen in the broadcast:

  • He triples Lava Lurker
  • He then discovers Orgozoa, The Tender from tripled Lava Lurker
  • Orgozoa, The Tender, helps him discover Deep-Sea Angler.
  • Deep-Sea Angler gets tripled.
  • He then discovers Tidemistress Athissa while having three spellcrafts in his hand.
  • He obliterates awedragon on Lord Barov by hitting him for 15 exact-lethal damage.

After this phenomenal risky play, Maks7k continues his huge snowball and eventually wins the event by finishing off jag-eunsae on Vol’jin with a big 20 damage hit from 4 units that had around 1100 stats combined.