Hearthstone’s Boomsday project starts tomorrow!

Blizzard has announced the arrival of the newest expansion, which starts tomorrow, August 7. The Boomsday Project will provide players with a chance to check out the new cards and get familiar with the game mechanic updates. There are several changes implemented by the game developers, a plethora of feature improvements while most of the bugs have been fixed.


Get ready for 135 Brand-New Cards

It’s been a while since Hearthstone players had the chance to play with so many new cards. August 7 is indeed a special day, as 135 of them are being released to celebrate the Boomsday Project. During this expansion, players will be able to use new legendary spells regardless of their chosen class. They will also be able to combine Mechs to produce powerful forms and harness the power of Omega cards.

Two weeks from now, on August 21, the Boomsday Project’s free single player content will also open. It will go by the name of Puzzle Lab and just as the name suggests will challenge players to solve more than 100 puzzles. Survival, Lethal, Board Clear and Mirror games will be featured and players who log in before the event begins will receive a random Hero card of Class Legendary minion for free. They will also get three card packs and after the event starts, there will be eligible for three more Boomsday Project card packs.

What’s new in Hearthstone’s Boomsday project?

Blizzard has put a lot of thought into the new Hearthstone expansion and will make several changes, including some requested by the players. The huge assortment of new Boomsday Project cards is the highlight of the new expansion and will breathe fresh air into the popular card game. The offering rates for class cards will be reduced and the rarity distribution adjusted, so players can expect more common cards in Arena drafts.

When cards are transformed, they lose their enchantments and the ones that create copies of other cards are more consistent. Shifter Zerus, Molten Blade, Shifting Scroll, and Voodoo Doll are the cards affected the most by these changes. Blizzard has also made significant changes to Ghostly Charger and Ixlid, Fungal Lord minions who have changed type.

The new expansion will bring new celebrations, such as the Days of the Frozen Throne and the bundle of new quests with better rewards. Players can also prepare for a new golden card and a Tavern Brawl that will celebrate Death Knights. Card backs have been added in the new expansion and Blizzard has published a long list of game improvements and bug fixes on its website.

Meanwhile, the fans can watch the best Hearthstone players compete in the Championship Tour, a global tournament with stops all over the world. HCT Taichung has just concluded in Taiwan and the winner received $3500 and 15 points. Season 3 continues with a new tour stop next week in Germany and registration is open for the Krefeld event.