Hearthstone season is well underway!

It’s a good year for one of Blizzard’s most popular esports – the 2018 Hearthstone Championship Tour or HCT is almost at its final stage, and the Hearthstone Global Games are progressing well too.

The HCT Fall Championship Finals are taking place in Los Angeles this October. The event spans from the 11th of October to the Grand Finale on the 14th. Regional play-offs have been going on for some time, and the most recent set of them took place this weekend. The 16 contestants for the championship have ow all been decided.


© HCT World Championship | Blizzard Entertainment

It was of course the Americas that were still to come, perhaps the most anticipated region of them all – the four that made it are Tincho of Quad Gaming, justsaiyan of Tempo Storm, bloodyface and lnguagehackr. Tincho is from Argentinia and lnguagehackr from Canada, whereas the other two are from the US. They, along with the champs from Europe, China, and the Asia-Pacific region, will compete for the tournament’s final $250.000 prize pool.

The champs from Europe are the German Sintolol and Moyen, Russian RENMEN and Israeli Hatul. In the Asian-Pacific Region, Korean player Ryvius, Australian Akumaker and, curiously, Tyler from the Netherlands.

Unsurprisingly, the four China winners are Chinese. They are Trunks, Shizizuo, BaiduHao and CaiMiao. All of them will be competing for the overall win this October! If you want to watch the Streams of the big event, they start every day of the event duration at 8.30am PDT. The first two days of the event will be broadcast only, followed by two days of broadcast and live audience days. For those lucky enough to attend in person, there are plenty of interesting fan events on top of the actual competition – in addition to a Fireside Gathering, visitors can sign up for Duel-A-Dev where they compete against one of the creators of the game or Play-A-Pro where they can compete against pro players of the game – for those who manage to win, there are some pretty sweet prizes available…not that the pros will make it easy, of course!

Only days before, on the 19th of September, the HGG resumes with the Round of 16. The 16 best Hearthstone nation teams in the world are competing, all for the eight spots open for the tournament at BlizzCon, where they’ll be fighting it out on the big Blizzard stage.

More specifically, Round of 16 has those 16 teams compete in a Dual-Tournament to determine who is skilled enough to advance to the next level. If you are a HGG fan and want to follow along with what’s going on, don’t hesitate to jump on Twitch to watch the official Hearthstone Twitch channel – you can purchase Bits and Cheer for your favourite team to show your support!

By doing this, you can also unlock in-game rewards as well as Twitch rewards – plenty of incentive to watch the matches leading up to BlizzCon later this year.