Hearthstone Fall Championship Tour in Los Angeles

In case people are unaware, Blizzard are currently gearing up to host the Hearthstone Fall Championship Tour in Los Angeles. Taking place at the Blizzard Arena, fans and competitors alike are set to meet, compete and be entertained across 4 days of action and strategic gameplay. October 11th sees the tournament open, with things eventually drawing to a close and final winners declared on Sunday the 14th.

In this tournament, sixteen of the worlds most skilled players from around the globe will be competing for the top spot and the coveted title of Hearthstone Champion. There will be multiple matches spread over the 4 days, from elimination rounds and decider matches, right through to a single-elimination top eight playoff. No matter how much of the tournament people catch, there’s going to be plenty of intense play to watch, and likely a few cool tactics that can be taken away and tried at home.


© Blizzard Entertainment

It’s not just about the main matches though, there’s also a lot of entertainment on offer for fans too. There are opportunities for fans to Duel-a-Dev, which can land them not only bragging rights at besting some of Blizzard’s own, but sweet, sweet hearthstone loot too. Play-a-Pro is also available for those players looking to really test their skills, where fans can face off against one of several professional Hearthstone players. There are yet more prizes on offer for those who are victorious, as well as autographs and talks with their favorite idols. Finally there’s also a Fireside Gathering event running throughout the competition. Things take a slightly more relaxed pace here, and instead of tournament play or high-stakes competition, players can take on one another at any point over the weekend in friendly matches. Blizzard are sparing no expense and providing plenty of machines and opportunities for players to test their mettle against one another, and do what they do best, enjoy a fantastic game.

If that wasn’t enough to keep fans busy, the Saturday and Sunday matches are also going to be broadcast with a live studio audience! This means not only might attendees get their glorious moment on camera, but a global audience can tune in and keep up to date on the action as well.

If you’re wondering what’s on offer for attendees who don’t want to play, there’s plenty! T-shirts are being specially designed for the day which can be purchased along with exclusive merchandise and as always, Blizzard are lining up a freebie for every person there. This year’s offering takes the form of a Thrill of Victory card back!

Finally, those not able to attend do not have to worry about missing out either, the official Hearthstone Twitch channel will be broadcasting the action live as it happens, starting at 8:30am PDT Daily. A fantastic option for those who can’t make it to the event in person.

Tickets are already on sale, and can either be printed out or presented on a mobile phone at the door.