Blizzard unveils the Hearthstone Global Games Cheer program

The race for the Hearthstone Global Games playoffs continues and now we know the names of the 16 countries and regions. This means that the Hearthstone Global Games Cheer program has arrived just in time for fans to support their favorites teams ahead of BlizzCon. Those who jump on the bandwagon will unlock rewards in-game and also on Twitch.

This new program will run from September 17th till November 4th. Hearthstone fans can Cheer with Bits on Twitch for their favourite teams by using the dedicated Cheermote, and a portion of the generated funds will be awarded to the players of the team.

This new feature will have a two-pronged effect, encouraging interactions between pro players and their fans, while creating a new source of funding.

How to participate in HGG Cheer and claim rewards?

Anyone who plays Hearthstone and watches the games on Twitch will be able to participate in the new program and unlock rewards.

The first step would be to link the Blizzard and Twitch accounts and then visit the official Hearthstone Twitch channel on September 17. Next, fans can choose the team they want to support by selecting their Cheermote before adding the number of Bits they wish to Cheer. There’s also the option of adding a custom message.

Those who follow these steps should visit the Tavern and claim their rewards after the objectives are reached. The prizes will be awarded automatically, so there’s nothing more they need to do, but enjoy their rewards.

Monitor personal and global HGG Cheer progress

Blizzard’s new program promises to be mutually beneficial, as both the teams and their fans will be rewarded. There is an obvious link between the level of support and the rewards collected, so the most enthusiastic supporters can expect the best in-game rewards. On top of that, all players will receive global rewards for reaching milestones.

HGG Cheer supporters can easly monitor their personal progress by visiting the official Hearthstone Twitch channel, where they’ll be able to see how close they are to unlock Twitch emotes and in-game rewards. These include the card back and the card packs, which will be automatically credited to their accounts.

Participants can also monitor the overall support for HGG and see how the community as a whole is faring. In order to receive the global rewards, each participant will be required to achieve a minimum level of personal Cheering.