Hearthstone Global Games overview

Who will participate?

Every one of the forty eight different countries has nominated four players, forming a team to represent each of their countries.

When will it start?

The Hearthstone Global Games will first start on the 16th of July and last until the 6th of September. In this period, the number of competing teams will reduce from forty eight to only sixteen.

Hearthstone Global Games

The teams that qualify will then be sent to play once again between the 18th to 27th of September. During which, the format will be set in a dual tournament style, cutting the remaining teams into half. The playoffs, which is the final portion of the extremely long two plus month running event will last for two days between the 2nd to 3rd of November.

Prize pool

Last year’s 2017 Hearthstone Global Games prize pool came in at $332,000. It is likely this year’s prize pool will top that. Unlike many other tournaments, the prize pool breakdown is much more fair, with last year’s winner only taking $60,000USD, less than 20% of the total prize pool. That said, it is understandable, considering the amount of teams that are participating over such a long period of time.

Hearthstone trophy

Most popular regions – Who is representing their team?


  • Leoah (Anchor)
  • YouLove
  • Trunks
  • OmegaZero

United Kingdom:

  • BoarControl (Anchor)
  • GreenSheep
  • Toastmonster

United States:

  • justsaiyan (Anchor)
  • Muzzy
  • Terrence
  • Fr0zen

Czech Republic

  • Jaria (Anchor)
  • Faeli
  • Findan
  • pokrovac

What does “(Anchor)” mean?

The “Anchor” player simply represents the player in the country’s team that has accumulated the highest amount of Hearthstone Championship Tour Points so far.