Lii takes the HCT Buenos Aires

Lii has defeated Monsanto in a thrilling best of five series, taking the set 3:2. Lii is fairly new to the professional Hearthstone scene, having first made his debut in the HCT Buenos Aires- Americas Qualifier #2. Monsanto on the other hand is more experienced, currently signed with his second team, Team Genji. Monsanto’s first major showing was in the 2016 HCT – Americas Summer Championship.


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Lii (Warlock) vs Monsanto (Rogue) – Game 1

Lii and Monsanto did not establish an early board in game one, quite expected considering they do not have many one or two mana cards. However, Monsanto had a great curve for the following turns, allowing him to take control of the board. After building a 10-10 Edwin VanCleef, Monsanto simply overwhelmed Lii then onwards.

Lii (Warrior) vs Monsanto (Warlock) – Game 2

After revealing a small portion of his Warlock deck, Lii opted for his Warrior while Monsanto took his chances with the Warlock deck. Both sides got fairly decent draws, however, Lii was able to take early board control and stack his armor. This made him near un-killable, even against a late game Warlock Monsanto played while unleashing all his cards until fatiguing.

Lii (Druid) vs Monsanto (Druid) – Game 3

Lii and Monsanto opted for their Druid decks this game, playing with fairly simular cards. While Monsanto’s Druid was able to build up an earlier board, Lii played perfectly, allowing him to gain control from turn ten onwards. As expected, the druid with late game board control won, leading to Lii’s win.

Lii (Warlock) vs Monsanto (Druid) – Game 4

Having already taken two games, Lii was forced to take out his Warlock onee again while Monsanto believed he was able to overwhelm the deck with his druid from game three. By playing slowly according to the Warlock’s natural pace, Monsanto was able to safely cash in a wild growth and nourish, boosting his mana pool a whole three crystals ahead of Lii. As expected of two late game decks, the druid was able to crush the warlock given the early head start for his late game cards.

Lii (Warlock) vs Monsanto (Warlock) – Game 5

The battle of the two warlocks. Monsanto tanked way too much damage in the early to mid-game in favour of a slightly better board, preventing him from making certain plays in the late game due to his low health. Lii however, kept clearing the board, turning around the tempo completely with the successful doomsdayer on turn ten. From then onwards, Lii was able to control the game and take down Monsanto due to his low health.