Hearthstone Update 11.4 – Pre order The Boomsday Project expansion

The Boomsday Project expansion has been teased with a photo of a small robot, seemingly sticking to the theme of mechs like the older Goblins versus Gnomes expansion. Blizzard has yet to reveal some of the cards that will be rolling out with the new expansion. However, as usual, players will be able to pre order the upcoming expansion. Of course, there are various benefits in pre purchasing the The Boomday Project bundles compared to buying the packs when released.

Hearthstone Update 11.4 Boomsday Project

Unlike previous expansions, players will be given the opportunity to pre order two different bundles. There will be a standard bundle, coming with 50 packs, while the “Mega bundle” comes with an astounding 80 packs.

Standard bundle:

  • 50 Boomday Project Packs
  • Mecha Jaraxxus Card back
  • Golden Legendary (Random one from the new expansion)

Mega bundle:

  • 80 Boomday Project Packs
  • Mecha Jaraxxus Card back
  • Golden Legendary (Random one from the new expansion)
  • Mecha Jaraxxus Warlock hero

Once the bundles have been purchased, the card back and hero skin will be available for immediate use. The packs will be locked and only available for open once the expansion has officially been released.


Other news in this patch

Daily quests completed while the “Midsummer Fire Festival” is running will grant double gold. This patch definitely pushes for more returning players through the resurfacing of mech type cards (links with GvG) on top of the incentive to play now with quests giving double gold.
Great news for mobile hearthstone players. Not only has the download size of the game reduced, users with larger phones such as the Samsung Galaxy 8, Samsung Galaxy 9 or iPhone X will have a much better playing experience, with Blizzard optimising the game to utilise more screen space.

Card reclassification:

  • Mountain and Molten Giants are now considered elemental
  • Witchwood Piper are now Demons
  • North Sea Kraken is now a Beast
  • Jungle Moonkin is no longer considered a beast