Heavy Mettle Will Be ‘Most Explosive Season Yet’ For R6S

On August 13th, Ubisoft is revealing Operation Heavy Mettle in full, but teasers are coming thick and fast. It has been said that Heavy Mettle will be Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘most explosive season yet’, which is a remarkable statement considering the game is now in its seventh year of operation. There are a few things that we know are coming with the update, including a fantastic new drone that tears barricades and buildings to shreds.

As Rainbow Six Siege remains consistently popular, Ubisoft wastes no time in introducing new features with every successive update or upgrade. Every new season brings fresh modes, Operators, weapons, balances, and more – and Heavy Mettle will be no different.

What’s Coming to Rainbow Six in Heavy Mettle?

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Wreak havoc with the new BU-GI (Image Credit: Ubisoft)

Most recently, Ubisoft lifted the lid on the BU-GI – a drone that makes mincemeat out of barricades, walls, and floors. It looks as though it’s a fire-and-forget weapon that can be deployed and left to run wild, and as it’s seemingly bulletproof, it’s essentially unstoppable. It’s the device of choice for Ram, the next Rainbow Six Operator to be entering the game. It has been promised that this’ll be the most explosive season yet, so we’ll see just how destructive the BU-GI is.

Elsewhere, Ubisoft has teased the replacement of the Headshot playlist that has remained popular for some time. It isn’t known what it’ll be replaced with, but it’s likely to be something with a lot of explosions and aggression, given the theme for the season.

In Year 8, Season 3 (which is Operation Heavy Mettle), there will be an all-new Player Commendation system introduced. This will allow you to bestow praise and accolades upon your fellow players, boosting your own profile.

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But Wait, There’s More!

We’re also expected to see Quick Match 2.0 drop in Rainbow Six Siege when this update arrives. It’s designed to appease the more casual players that want a faster turnaround for their matches, getting in and out at a rapid rate because they have less time on their hands, or something.

And of course, there will be hundreds of changes applied to what exists. That means Operators will be balanced accordingly, weapons will be buffed and nerfed, and some changes will take place on the game’s many maps.

Operation Heavy Mettle is being revealed in full by Ubisoft on August 13th, and following that drop, we’ll know everything there is to know about the update.

In the meantime, why not check out our breakdown of the latest Rainbow Six Siege esports news?

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