HisWattson Blacklist – Apex Pro Banned From Tournaments

HisWattson is one of the top Apex Legends pro players. He frequently tops out the charts for Twitch viewership, and his some big achievements to his name in competitions. However, the player seems to be going through some problems with EA right now.

This week he’s accused them of banning him from tournaments. This follows a public spat, where claims of a HisWattson blacklist keeping him from competing. However, the player’s version of events cut out a lot of very public bad behavior that many others warned him would result in a ban.


It’s a messy situation. HisWattson believed he’s blacklisted, but not for the reasons the majority watching him would assume. This is what’s happened and what’s going on right now with the HisWattson blacklist.

HisWattson Blacklist

Accusations of a HisWattson blacklist has been going around recently. HisWattson has said this is because he is “being mad that a guy on a laptop can literally stop me from doing my job whenever he wants”.

The full story is a bit more complicated though. Earlier, leaked messages came out from HisWattson.

HisWattson Blacklist

This followed HisWattson complaining on Twitter about APEX. He made numerous complaints, including that security at Apex were not available on weekends. This was struck out as unfair by a lot of people, with him for some reason expecting developers to work 24/7 to be available for when a streamer happens to want them.

Leaked messages came a day later. The Apex streamer was talking with a well-known hacker and leaker of the game. He said:

“I just know you’re a shady dataminer guy and you responded to both my tweets while not following so I thought you might know what’s going if it’s malicious.”  He also directly complained about a specific Apex dev, Hideouts. He said “I hate hideouts too and I want to clown him on Twitter”.

HisWattson confirmed that these messages were real. He even reiterated it, saying that his hatred of hideouts and EA was public knowledge in another tweet.

“All of what I said is public information.1 I hate EA.2 I hate hideouts” Numerous other Apex players called out his behaviour including Snip3down. His current drama was even called out by TSM player Albralelie. Who that said he is ‘speed running a ban from EA sanctioned events at this point.”

Is HisWattson really blacklisted?

Despite all of this, and him very clearly and publicly reiterating his “hate” for the developers of the game, HisWattson is claiming something different. He contends the HisWattson blacklist isn’t justified and he’s being punished for expecting his streams not to get ruined. He hasn’t been fully banned from all tournaments either.

HitWattson has revealed that he can still compete at the ALGS. However, he seems to be banned from others for now.

Going on Twitter tirades about how much you hate the developer and singling individuals out probably isn’t the best idea. Neither is going to dataminers to help you embarrasses a developer of the game who you feel has wronged you by not working weekends. The HisWattson blacklist is a bizarre situation.

The rules for who should or should not be allowed to compete aren’t the clearest. However, publicly feuding with devs is probably not a good idea. Especially if you find yourself trying to rope in hackers and dataminers to embarrass a developer because they aren’t available to help a streamer 24/7.