SummT1G, Dakotaz, and JoshOG Extended Twitch Exclusivity Deals

Twitch streamers SummT1G, Dakotaz, and JoshOG have signed an extension to their relationships with Twitch. The news of this Twitch exclusivity deal will mean these players and their substantial chunk of followers will be staying on the platform for a few more years! Twitch has faced more competition recently, with Mixer acquiring some streamers. However, deals like this will keep Twitch as the premier spot for competitive gaming and Esports streaming.

Until recently, Twitch has something close to a monopoly on live video game streaming. They carried huge audiences, with competitors not offering anything of note. More recently, Mixer has gotten into the market after acquiring Ninja to stream there permanently. YouTube occasionally buffs up its live streaming facilities but remains a platform for pre-recorded content primarily. While some debated the future of Twitch, deals like this go a long way to disprove that fans will be moving on any time soon. This continued deal will make sure that Twitch remains the place to go for streamers and their content.

SummT1G, Dakotaz, and JoshOG Extended Twitch Exclusivity Deals

Twitch Exclusivity Deals – SummT1G, Dakotaz, & JoshOG

The Twitch exclusivity deals signed represent more than 10 million followers of Twitch. On a platform where every subscription is actually worth cash for content creators, these numbers mean a lot more than just followers on social media or YouTube. These are the recent announcements of Twitch exclusivity deals:

SummT1G Twitch Exclusivity Deal

SummT1G was a professional CS: GO player, but has now found a big audience in streaming full time on Twitch. He plays a variety of games but always has a strong and loyal fan base. This Twitch exclusivity deal will allow him to keep doing what he’s been doing successfully for the last few years.

Dakotaz Twitch Exclusivity Deal

Dakotaz is a huge Fortnite streamer on Twitch. On top of this though, he’s a pretty good competitive player too. If you’re looking to bet on Twitch streamers, Dakotaz is a great candidate. This exclusivity deal keeps his big fan base on Twitch for the foreseeable future.

JoshOG Exclusivity Deal


JoshOG makes great entertaining content, but he also plays pretty well at the actual games. This streamer won three back to back Warzone tournaments, this is no small feat when the game is currently at the peak of its popularity. JoshOG’s stream is a positive place, he has 1.73 million followers on Twitch. All of those will be sticking around, as he has extended his Twitch exclusivity deal.

Twitch’s Future

Twitch’s future is clearly quite bright. The Twitch directory helps you connect even more with competitive Esports, which are primarily broadcast on Twitch. Twitch is pretty much the place to go to watch competitive events live.

Between this coverage of events and the streamers like those who have just extended their Twitch exclusivity deals, Twitch is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for gaming content. While competitors like Mixer are now out there, Twitch will remain the home for streamers and gaming for quite a while.

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