Joyous Journeys Exp Buff Returns to WoW Classic

While a lot of players love WoW Classic, something that not everyone is a fan of is leveling. Doing it for the first time ever can be a bit exciting if you are interested in the lore and exploring the world, but after you do it once, leveling alt definitely feels like a chore.

Luckily, Blizzard seems to have noticed that, and they are bringing back the Joyous Journeys buff that increases experience gained from all sources by 50%, and this time, it will go all the way to level 80.


Image Credit | Wowhead

Take the opportunity to max out your alts!

Now that WoW Wotlk Classic has been out for quite some time, we can easily see who are the top DPS in phase 1 and who are going to be the most sought-out classes once Ulduar releases for that world’s first Zero Lights Yogg-Saron race.

While you might think that you will not have enough time to play the game and gear up your alts to be on par with your current characters, do not forget that phase 2 is also coming with Titan Rune dungeons, where you will be able to get loot from the current 10-man raids with ease if you are worthy of conquering the challenge that heroic+ has to offer.

Race to the world’s first raid in Dragonflight is coming!

While we have had a lot of amazing WoW esports in 2022, where the race to world first in Sepulcher of the First Ones was definitely the longest and most exciting one, we are going to have one last event in December now. Yes, we are talking about the first raid of the newest WoW expansion, Dragonflight.

The race to the world’s first Vault of the Incarnates begins on the first week of the raid this time, as all difficulties will be available at once. Will the mythic difficulty be cleared within the first week, or is it going to be yet another long grind like the final tier of Shadowlands?

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