Best Champion Ultimates in LoL – who has the strongest ults in season 13?

Recently we were looking for the 10 best ultimates in LoL for season 13. See what we found and came up with.

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The 10 Best Ultimates Abilities in LoL

Ultimates are usually the most important abilities in one champion’s kit. It usually defines and makes them stand out from the rest.

That said, there are over 160 champions in League of Legends and it’s becoming harder and harder to make a list of the most powerful ultimates. We will be judging them by looking at their raw value within the game, but with a special focus on teamfights.

The abilities are not necessarily in order based on their power inside the game, so don’t be surprised if you see some of the “stronger” ultimates on the list. Also, don’t expect to see all damage-dealing abilities: remember that the best LoL ultimates are not always about killing the enemies.

Karthus – AoE damage

Let’s start off with Karthus. When it comes to dealing AoE damage, there is probably no one that can beat him. Karthus’s R – Requiem channels his damage on all the enemies on the map with unlimited range, meaning that they will all be affected. And paired with his full AP build, he can melt through most targets. But do you know the best thing about Karthus? He can cast it after he dies.

The only way to dodge this ability is to spell shield it or use Zhonya’s Hourglass or Stopwatch’s active effect to become invulnerable.

karthus best ultimate LoL

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Requiem is a fantastic ability that is helpful in both pro play and solo queue. Many players don’t pay much attention when Karthus is on the enemy team, so experienced Karthus mains know how to take full advantage of this. You can’t dodge Requiem except with Stopwatch or Zhonya’s Hourglass, so you have to be prepared at all times!

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Twisted Fate – No vision? Problem solved.

If you play mid lane, you probably know why Twisted Fate is such a powerful pick, both for solo queue and professional play. While it doesn’t do damage, his R – Destiny can grant a global true sight effect. In other words, it reveals all the enemy champions for a few seconds, no matter where they are or doing what.

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On top of that, he can teleport once anywhere he wants within a range, which scales with the ultimate’s level and it’s quite big from level one. This allows him to exert enormous pressure on the map whenever he has the ultimate ready, and he can use it to join fights to get a numerical advantage in a matter of seconds. Not to mention that he has a point-click stun with his W, setting up free kills for his allies.

Aurelion Sol – The star soars and comes crashing down

Prior to his rework, Aurelion Sol used to have one of the coolest ultimate concepts in the game: a piercing light laser that destroyed the enemies.

With the new version of Sol, though, Riot outdid themselves. Not only they were able to create an exciting kit that continued to maintain the dragon-breathing fire theme, but they were also to make his ultimate even more powerful.

Image Credits | Riot Games

His new R – Falling Star now calls down a star that crashes down, dealing damage in an area and stunning them in the process. Once Aurelion Sol is able to collect enough Stardust stacks, then the enhanced version of the ultimate, The Skies Descend, becomes so much stronger. It deals more damage in a larger area, and it also unleashes a massive shockwave that expands outward. For teamfights, this can deal more or less the damage amount of damage that Karthus deals with his R – Requiem, but it also knocks up enemies as well.

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Taric – the power of gems!

We’ve taken a look at spells dealing damage, so what about an ability that negates it? That’s what Taric’s ultimate does and it’s why the support champion made this list.

taric ultimate LoL

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With his ult Cosmic Radiance, Taric is able to create an AoE aura effect which makes allied champions invulnerable and immune to crowd control and damage for 2.5 seconds. While the range is not that big, his W allows him to tether to one ally and have them mimic all of Taric’s abilities, including his ultimate. With this, it’s much easier to protect the entire team and single-handedly win teamfight with one great cast of ultimate.

Sylas – the ultimate thief

When it comes to ultimates in LoL, Sylas is a champion that must make the list: no other champion can potentially use all the ultimates in the entire game.

You might that it is cheating, but Sylas does have that kind of ability. Of course, he can only R – Hijack the enemies’ five ultimates, but it’s still better than just having one.

Image Credits | Riot Games

For this reason, Sylas is perfect in those games where he can steal multiple powerful ultimates. Imagine having an enemy team with Karthus and Taric on the same team: that would be so oppressive and unfair to play against. Yet, Sylas is the champion that makes this nightmare a reality.

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Bard – The AoE Zhonya

Next on the list, we have yet another support champion: Bard. The champion does a similar job to Taric, making champions invulnerable in an area that the player decides.

The main difference, however, is the fact that it also makes neutral objectives and turrets invulnerable, stopping them from losing health and disabling them in the process (turrets won’t hit champions).

Image Credits | Riot Games

This makes Bard’s ultimate a jack-of-all-trade: he can use it to dive, engage, disengage, and also stop enemies from killing neutral objectives. It’s one of the best yet most difficult ultimates to cast in LoL: a great Bard ult, though, will win you games alone.

Soraka – to heal and protect

Ever had the feeling you almost killed someone… until you didn’t? Well, That’s Soraka for you. The enchanter support is always ready to heal her allies with her W, but when it comes to life-or-death moments, she gets even more oppressive to play against.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Soraka is almost the opposite of what Karthus does: while he can damage all his enemies, she heals up all her allies. Her R – Wish used to be even more powerful since it could cleanse all Grevious Wounds effects, guaranteeing that her ult would heal the full amount. Luckily, it got removed, but the ultimate still has the 50% heal increase for targets below 40% maximum health.

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Kindred – the teamfight game-changer

Speaking of saving allies from the realm of death, there is also another champion that can do this with his ultimate: Kindred. The ranged jungler brought a refreshing concept to League when it was introduced back in season 6, and it took some time for players to realize how strong Lamb’s Respite was.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Kindred’s partner Lamb creates a ground under herself for 4 seconds, which prevents all champions from falling below a minimum health threshold, which is equal to 10% of each champion’s maximum health. They will become invulnerable for the remaining duration when they or are at the threshold. Once the duration ends, all champions inside the ground are healed for a flat amount of health.

The fact that it works for enemies is what makes Kindred’s ult so hard to pull off: similar to Bard’s ultimate, one cast can easily win or ruin your entire game. Despite that, having such a tool for critical moments is always nice to have.

Milio – ready to save his “fuemigos”

Milio is the newest champion released in LoL, and yet he immediately made the best ultimates list. His signature ability Breath of Life heals and cleanses himself and all nearby allies, while also granting them 65% tenacity for a few seconds.

milio best ultimate LoL

Image Credits | Riot Games

The crazy thing about Milio’s ultimate is that it’s an instant cast, which is perfect to protect his allies during teamfights. Luckily, Riot recognized the ability’s power and added a high cooldown to keep it balanced. When available, however, Milio is definitely one of the best ultimates you can have in a team in any game.

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Mordekaiser – Welcome to the death realm!


Riot usually does a great job at reworking champions and Mordekaiser was no exception. His ultimate Realm of Death perfectly embodies Riot’s efforts in designing powerful yet unique abilities. Just like the name suggests, Mordekaiser can bring an enemy into another dimension alongside him, locking them completely out of the fight.

mordekaiser best ultimate LoL

Image Credits | Riot Games

This lasts for a few seconds, which forces the two to take on a 1v1 fight since there is a limited range of area in which the two can move in. Mordekaiser, however, is usually the one prevailing thanks to the stolen base stats and his damage. But the best trick when using this ultimate is to isolate the strongest champion on the enemy team, giving your allies more chances of winning the teamfight while you smash the target in the Realm of Death.

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