Best supports to pair with Varus in LoL

If you don’t know which supports you should be playing with Varus, here is a list of the best champions to pair up with him this season.

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The best supports to play with Varus in LoL

Varus has been a steady presence at the highest levels of play since the 2022 Worlds Championship. His main strength in the current meta lies in his strong early game and long-range poke. On top of that, he’s able to go for two different build paths: full lethality or the on-hit version. This gives great flexibility for its own team, allowing him to freely adjust depending on the team composition.

That said, Varus needs to have specific supports around him to extract the champion’s maximum potential. Since it takes time to test out everything, we have already compiled a full list of champions that are guaranteed to work with Varus. We’re also going to explain why and how they are strong with him, so get ready for some analysis!

Lulu – the no. 1 support for Varus

If Varus is going with the on-hit build, then Lulu is going to be the best support to play alongside him. She offers a great attack speed steroid and can shield him permanently. On top of that, she has the annoying polymorph to negate any potential engage or threat coming from the opposing team.

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In case it’s not enough, Lulu can even use her ultimate Wild Growth (R) to make Varus tankier while also knocking up surrounding enemies. All of these abilities allow Varus to auto-attack freely all the time, greatly increasing his DPS. For this reason, Lulu is the no. 1 support to play alongside Varus (the on-hit version).

Karma – a guarantee for lane priority

Karma is a similar version to Lulu, with the exception that she works better with lethality Varus. She can shield and protect him, as well as use her own poke to pressure the enemy laners. The two together become quite an oppressive lane that becomes extremely hard to contest.

The best thing about this bot lane duo is the fact that they will always have lane priority (if the laners are playing the matchup correctly). Use your spells to initiate a push and then try to zone the enemies off. If you’re able to do that consistently, the enemy ADC will have to choose between bleeding experience and minion gold, or face-tanking the poke and risking deaths.

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Thresh – The best engage support

Thresh is currently one of the best supports to play with Varus following the buffs he received in Patch 13.3, which made him a lot stronger than anticipated.

The support champion boasts one of the most versatile kits in the game: he can engage, disengage, hook, and reposition his allies thanks to the lantern. Thresh does a bit of everything, which is why he also works with Varus.

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Thresh and Varus can help each other out in locking single targets. Whether it’s through Varus’ ultimate or Thresh’s hook, they can always follow up with the remaining spells. Typically, Varus goes for the lethality build with Thresh in order to get good burst damage output with the arrows and the passive.

That being said, this bot lane duo is extremely hard to play together and it requires a high amount of trust and coordination: make sure to get accustomed to it before jumping into solo queue games.

Lux – it’s all about the one-shot combo

Lux and Varus form the most damage-driven bot lane duo. The two together offer uncontestable long-range poke, and the ability to one-tap enemies whenever a crowd control is hit (Varus ultimate or Lux’s Q).

This duo has multiple ways to harass the enemy bot lane during the laning phase and force them into unfavorable positions: Varus and Lux are extremely annoying to play against, as getting a good amount of farm seems impossible.

Just like with Caitlyn, though, the two become vulnerable to enemy ganks, so make sure to get enough vision control and back off as soon as you see enemies walking toward the bottom lane. If you’re not able to get ahead, then the game will become very tough to play.

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Ashe – one of the best supports with Varus for poke

Ashe does a similar job to other supports in this list, but with one big difference: she deals physical damage. A double marksmen bot lane is very strong for 2v2 trades, so make sure to exploit this characteristic. In addition, Ashe offers lots of slowing abilities, allowing Varus to easily his own abilities.

ashe varus supports

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Later into the game, the two can work together to make good crowd control chains with their ultimates. If an enemy gets hit by either of the two, they are likely going to die. When playing Varus with Ashe, make sure to go for the lethality version.

Renata – one of the best off-meta supports to play with Varus

Renata is currently quite an underpowered pick, given that enchanters supports have fallen out of the meta. Having said that, she still remains a great champion to play in tandem with Varus.

In a similar fashion to Lulu, she does a great job at empowering the attack-speed-based, on-hit version of Varus. She can essentially give him a second revive with her own W, while also having the ability to shield and hook targets. But what makes her so powerful with him is her ultimate Hostile Takeover: the taunt duration is long enough for Varus to apply stacks and kill the targets.

If she happens to become meta again, she will return as a top-tier support to play with the Arrow of Retribution.

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