NA LCS Match predictions – Week 3 Day 1

Can Cloud9 rise again after their blunders in week 2? Let’s see who is destined to dominate the leader boards as we approach week 3 of the North America League Championship Series (NALCS).

Cloud9 vs. Team SoloMid – Game 1

The first match will be contended between the two giants of the North American LCS, Cloud9 and Team SoloMid. TSM started strong in week 1, claiming both their games. Unexpectedly, they stumbled in week 2, dropping the match against Clutch Gaming and Team Liquid.

NALCS Summer18 Cloud9

Cloud9 is fairing even worst, currently 1-3. However, they did manage to defeat the 100 Thieves, one of the top teams last split.

Prediction: Cloud9 40% | Team SoloMid 60%

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Team Liquid vs. Echo Fox – Game 2

Both Team Liquid and Echo Fox look really good this split, currently 3-1 on the leader boards. Team Liquid dropped their game against the Golden Guardians, showing signs of inconsistency. Same could be said for Echo Fox, having lost against OpTic Gaming. Both teams have a lot of promise but fail to consistently show results!

Prediction: Team Liquid 50% | Echo Fox 50%

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100 Thieves vs. Clutch Gaming – Game 3

Currently 2-2, the 100 Thieves have been underperforming to what was originally expected. Having shown an extremely strong performance in the 2018 NA LCS Spring regular season, the Thieves have failed to recover from their sub-par performance in the Spring playoffs.

NALCS Summer18 100 Thieves

Clutch Gaming remains a promising team, having taken down both C9 and TSM. That said, the Thieves are still favoured due to their superior roster.

Prediction: 100 Thieves 55% | Clutch Gaming 45%

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Fly Quest vs. Golden Guardians – Game 4

These two teams are pretty even, however, history has shown us that Fly Quest was able to defeat the Golden Guardians, previously going 2-0 against them in the Spring split. That said, FQ has had a slow start, only winning one of their four games. Golden Guardians look better this split, taking down top tier teams like Team Liquid and Cloud9.

NALCS Summer18 FLY quest

The Golden Guardians have undoubtedly improved, being able to contest some of the best teams in the NA LCS, however, remain inconsistent as shown from their loss to OpTic.

Prediction: Fly Quest 35% | Golden Guardians 65%

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OpTic Gaming vs. Counter Logic Gaming – Game 5

OpTic Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming are 2-2 from the first two weeks. CLG has failed to recover their previous form and it’s unlikely that they will show much improvement in the coming weeks. OpTic are still improving as the roster continues to familiarise with the NA LCS scene, OG will soon be able to threaten the big three teams.

Prediction: OpTic Gaming 55% | Counter Logic Gaming 45%

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