TFT Mobile release date is approaching, Riot has done an amazing job

Riot’s first highly successful game aside from the traditional League of Legends MOBA, Teamfight Tactics, is soon to become available on mobile. Having only launch officially in mid 2019, Teamfight Tactics, also known as TFT, has been a major hit. Even prior to its official public release, the rising popularity of the auto chess genre had widely fueled anticipation for the game. This led to the TFT closed beta / testing phase in the PBE, an exclusive testing server, being flooded by tens of thousands of player early on. Then, the PBE server had suffered queue times of up to 40 hours simply to log in! It’s easy to guess why the fans are so excited about the new TFT Mobile coming soon.

TFT Mobile

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While TFT had been out for over half a year, the game had not released mobile compatibility despite Dota 2’s auto chess on mobile having been released for months. In spite of this, the love for Teamfight Tactics has not weakened. The upcoming launch of TFT on mobile without a doubt boost the popularity of the game even further. Mobile games are an ever-growing major market, with TFT’s entrance to the mobile space, and the soon to release mobile League of Legends, Riot’s player base is set to skyrocket.

When is TFT coming to mobile?

Riot has officially announced through Twitter that the release of the mobile version of TFT is set to hit mobile devices sometime in March. While we don’t yet have a precise TFT mobile release date, this is likely to be in mid March considering Riot wishes to continue gathering feedback from mobile esports games testers.

Until then, android users can still sign up for the TFT mobile pre-registration. However, note, mobile  Teamfight Tactics is only being tested currently in Europe and Oceania. Android users can pre-register here, while if you’ll be playing on Apple, you can sign up for updates here.

What are the supported devices?

  • iPhone 6 or later
  • Android phones running OS5+ onward and at least 2GB of RAM
  • Tablets are not supported at the moment.

How is mobile TFT compared to computer?

Having gained access to test mobile TFT, I can comfortably say Riot has done an amazing job this time. Despite the game being on such a small screen for mobile users, it does not take away at all from the game. Sure, mobile players may have a disadvantage due to quick keys not being present, but the game’s interface and design make Teamfight Tactics on mobile very enjoyable and easy to play.

That said, getting use to the game will take time, especially when rolling down as a mobile player, as the process is more time consuming compared to on computer. Rerolling is extremely pivotal in the game, so playing a few normal TFT games when you first get into the mobile version to get a feel for the game is a must. Check out our coverage of the TFT reroll strategy.

For those suspicious of Riot, and when Teamfight Tactics on mobile will actually launch, fret not. The game is playing very smoothly, with minimal buffs currently present in the game. Thus, we can comfortably expect Riot to keep their word with a March launch.

More projects coming soon?

TFT Set 3 is also expected to launch alongside the game’s mobile debut, creating a whole new make over for the game. This will also level the playing field for new mobile players, creating a more enjoyable experience. Stay in tune for more coverage regarding TFT’s set 3, and more LoL news.

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