Tyler1 makes guest appearance at the NA LCS

One of the most infamous and popular League of Legends streamers, Tyler1, has made an appearance at this year’s NA LCS Summer Playoffs. Tyler1 made a big entrance in the guest match between the Meme Stream Dream Team and the Throw Machine Gaming.

Meme Stream Dream Team:

  • Voyboy (Top)
  • Scarra (Jungle)
  • Yassuo (Mid)
  • Imaqtpie (Bot)
  • Shiphtur (Sup)

Throw Machine Gaming:

  • Solo (Top)
  • Contractz (Jungle)
  • Matt (Mid)
  • Tyler1 (Bot)
  • Phreak (Sup)

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Tyler1 and Phreak

The so call “duo” did not have a happy start. Phreak often described Tyler1 as untalented and a poor teammate to play with; attributing his rise to fame for by being toxic rather than skilled.

Due to their poor relationship in the past, it’s certainly no coincidence that Riot chose Phreak to support Tyler1 down in the bot-lane for the Throw Machine Gaming team. While it might not have been the most optimal choice for bot lane synergy, the idea of pairing the two together was certainly entertaining.

Considering the falling popularity and hype of the NA LCS compared to the impact it’s had in the past years, Riot made the right call by bringing on a variety of the top streamers for the Summer Playoffs.

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Tyler1 casting the NA LCS finals match

Tyler1’s bet was on Cloud9. Unfortunately, C9 seriously dropped the ball, losing 0-3 to Team Liquid. While Tyler1’s casting is certainly different, it’s by no means any less entertaining. His personality is a key factor which contributed to raising the hype and intensity of the NA LCS atmosphere.

While it might not be sustainable for Riot to continuously bring on streamers to cast their matches since the professional image and production could suffer slightly, their call to bring in Tyler1 for a one-off event has been good for the NA LCS.

Tyler1 vs. Yassuo & Imaqtpie

Quite the streamer rivalry with a heap of banter as background context. It’s great that Riot is paying attention to the streaming / twitch scene and getting to know what fans want to see and enjoy watching. While Tyler1 lost this time, it is likely there will be much more competition in solo queue considering these three streamers are all high elo players.

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