Ludwig and Moist Esports join forces – Content creator becomes co-owner

Ludwig is expanding his reach in content creation even further this week. It’s been announced that Ludwig will become a co-owner of Moist Esports!

This new role will bring him on board with Cr1TiKaL to create one of the biggest content creator and esports orgs in the industry. Ludwig and Moist together have the potential to do some special things.


Ludwig becomes co-owner of Moist Esports

Moist Esports are probably best known for its association with Cr1TiKaL. The org was formed when the content creator signed Kola, one of the top Smash Bros players. Following that, the group expanded to gather more players in Smash bros, and other fighting games like Guilty Gear -STRIVE-.

Eventually, they went beyond fighting games. Moist Esports began to enter titles like Rocket League, Apex Legends and more. The org has expanded to be a major part of esports in loads of different games.

Moist Esports has teams and players competing in esports, but they’re also a force for content creation. Their original founder Cr1TiKaL is well known for his huge YouTube and Twitch channels. However, other players are also involved in content creation. This new move brings another major name under their banner, with one of the biggest names on YouTube or Twitch joining the Org as a key figure.

Ludwig has recently announced he’ll be joining Moist Esports in a major role, as a co-owner of the entire org. Ludwig and Moist will be joining forces.

What Does This Mean for Ludwig and Moist?

Ludwig has made some big moves recently. This really kicked off with his exclusive deal on YouTube. After pulling in record numbers during a subscription marathon, Ludwig then moved over to the other streaming platform full-time. In the time since he’s massively expanded outwards.

Ludwig has started to produce original content along with other streamers, like an xQc game show. He’s also stepped up to host two huge tournaments for the Smash community, the Ludwig Invitational and the Scuffed World Tour that raised money following the Smash World Tour cancellation. In light of these moves, Ludwig’s switch to Moist looks pretty exciting for the org.

The streamer is going to be stepping up content creation at Moist Esports. Recently, the player has been moving into unconventional areas, like backing other content creators in new formats. This move should enable him to do more of that! In his intro video, the player also called out that Moist was one of only a few esports brands that have avoided crypto sponsorships. Along with how their success in esports contrast with their financial set-up.

Moist has previously been pretty open about how it operates. It loses money. A lot of it.

The Org has won major tournaments and chases solid players to support, seemingly without much of a plan to move successfully into profitability. It’s one area where Ludwig and Moist do have quite a bit in common! This new position for the content creator as a co-owner is going to give them more resources, and it might mean Moist getting involved in organizing events themselves along with Ludwig.