Scuffed World Tour set to crown new top players for Smash

There’s been a lot of disappointments in this year’s Smash Bros events, but one huge positive has been the Ludwig stepping up to host the Scuffed World Tour.

This is an event being organized by the streamer, to make up for the cancellation of the Smash World Tour finals. It’s got a similar roster to the World Tour, and should go some way to filling the gap. Here we’ll get to see a player crowned with the top spot for the year’s competition in Melee and Ultimate.

Golden Guardians chipped in with the venue and location to host this event.

Scuffed World Tour

Source: Mogul Moves / @MogulMoves

Scuffed World Tour

Ludwig got his start as a Smash Bros player. While he’s now more known as a huge streamer, topping the charts for most watched and hosting crazy events like an xQc game show, he’s still involved with the fighting game though. After hosting this year’s Ludwig Invitational, the Scuffed World Tour is another event from the organizer.

The tournament isn’t just an ordinary Smash event. It’s being held specifically to raise money for Video Game BootCamp. They were the organizers behind the Smash World Tour that have had their premier event shut down by Nintendo. This tournament is going to try and help them out. It’s a nice move to give something back and try to help the organizer get back up and running.

The event is going to take place across the 18th of December. There’s a prize pool of $25,000 for both Melee and Ultimate. The players are invited based on their performance and placement in the Smash World Tour leader board. On top of 8 invited players, there’s 8 more being invited to fill out the roster. These are the main stories to watch for across Melee and Ultimate at the Scuffed World Tour.

Scuffed World Tour Players

Scuffed World Tour – Melee & Ultimate

The Melee side of things had a bit of a disappointment when a player dropped out. Unfortunately, Zain won’t be able to attend the event due to having some family issues to take care of. Heading in, it was looking like this was the chance for him to grasp the Number 1 spot in the rankings for Melee, cementing his position as the best Smash player of 2022.

That doesn’t mean it’s not going to be entertaining though. There are loads of great players attending, and there’s still plenty of chances for a upset. Mang0 looks strong, aMSa has had an amazing year pushing Yoshi to new heights and a big win at the end of season could really be something. Hungrybox has a lot to play for here too, along with iBDW.

Ultimate is set up for a rematch between two players who have dominated this year of competition. MKLeo has picked up wins all over the year, and has been steamrolling his way to being the top Ultimate player. Sparg0 gave him big competition earlier in the year though. The player stepped away for a little while to take care of his health, but he’s back in action for the Scuffed World Tour.

Fans are also likely hoping for a Tweak / Sparg0 rematch after their tense match up at Mainstage 2022.

Ultimate’s had a dramatic year outside of those two though. There’s Sonix, Onin, acola and more who have all had great years playing with some fun characters like Steve and Sonic. It isn’t quite as wide open as Melee. But it’s still going to be fun to see which players come out on top here.

That’s what’s happened at the Scuffed World Tour. It might not be the finale we’ve been expecting, but Ludwig is putting together something fitting for the end of Smash Bros. Hopefully this event can fill some of the hole left, and potentially upset the rankings for Smash Bros in 2022.