Modern Warfare 2 Reveal – What Does it Mean for CoD esports?

Modern Warfare 2 has had a full reveal this week, we now know a lot more about what the future of Call of Duty is going to look like. Call of Duty is going to be returning to the Modern Warfare series and following up on what might be the most popular recent iteration of the game.

This is what Modern Warfare 2 is going to look like and what it means for Call of Duty Esports.

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 has had a full reveal on June 8th. It started off with this reveal trailer.

Call of Duty Multiplayer modes are the main event in the shooter. Modern Warfare 2 will be making some big changes to how the multiplayer system works.

Gunsmith was initially introduced with Modern Warfare. This system makes it a lot smoother for players to customize their guns. In the sequel, Gunsmith is changing. Weapons are going to be grouped together into Weapon Platforms. This will allow players to unlock related weapons and attachments by playing with one gun.

Movement and mobility are also going to be seeing some changes too. The game will now have a much more complex system for water. Players can get around by swimming along with vehicles. Some features like troop carriers will make good use of the new mechanics. Players can now also shoot from vehicles, and hang off ledges into water.


The maps of Call of duty are what really make the game’s esports and multiplayer matches special. We currently know of five new maps that will be part of the game initially:

  • Sa’id
  • Sariff Bay
  • Museum
  • Grand Prix
  • Farm 18 Training Facility

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign

The Modern Warfare multiplayer is probably the main attraction to players, but a campaign is coming with the game too. The story will be spread around the entire globe. It will also include missions that serve as a sequel to some of Modern Warfare’s missions.

Warzone 2

Alongside Modern Warfare 2, a new version of the CoD Battle Royale will be coming along with the game. Warzone has been around for a few years, even if it has gotten plenty of new content that’s quite a while for CoD. Rather than just getting a new season with the latest guns, Warzone is getting a full sequel.

Warzone 2 has been confirmed as coming in 2022. The title will also be getting improved bots, and an update to the anti-cheat system. This will be in place day one. That should help avoid some of the problems that the game had when it first launched.

Warzone 2ker

Modern Warfare 2 in Esports

Those are the main new features coming to Modern Warfare 2. What does it mean for the Call of Duty League though? As with each new game’s release, the League will be moving onto the new title in good time. Usually, there’s a season’s leeway to give players a decent chance to get to grips with a game. We can expect Modern Warfare 2’s debut in the League to come once the game has been out a little while.

The Call of Duty series might be moving away from yearly releases with Microsoft buying out Activision Blizzard. This could mean that Modern Warfare 2 will end up being the primary game for competitive Call of Duty for quite a bit longer than what’s normal. With so many big changes coming to the series, matches may look very different in the future.

Moving away form Vanguard, we expect the feel and way the game is played to change quite a bit. Some CDL players might find MW2 more viable as the past four iterations featured more “modernistic” art and playwork when compared to Vanguard.