Nicolas99fc wins eChampions League 2022 while down 0-2

FIFA saw the conclusion of one of its biggest esports events take place over the weekend with the eChampions League 2022. The Champions League itself concluded with Real Madrid taking their 14thChampions League win. The esports version of the event was no less dramatic though, with Nicolas99FC from Guild Esports taking the win after a huge push through the Finals.

The most wholesome part was him being down 0-2 after the first game and scoring a 7-0 victory to close out the series.


eChampions League 2022

The eChampions League is one of the biggest esports events for FIFA. It pits some of the best players across Europe against each other. The eChampions League 2022 had a prize pool of $280,000 on offer. That’s a substantial prize for the players who manage to make it through to the finals.

64 payers in all entered the eChampions League from the qualifiers in February. Their first test was the group stage. Here all countries represented were split into two blocks, Western Europe or Central and Eastern Europe. They competed in a Swiss format before the top 16 from each side moved to the Knockout Stage.

The Knockout Stage began quite a bit after, starting April 23-24th. The Knockout Stage was a Double Elimination bracket that narrowed competitors down to the Top 8. That’s where we finally catch up to this weekend’s action. Players have been through all those stages to make it through to the Grand Final bracket.

eChampions League Grand Final

The eChampions League Grand Final played out in full over the weekend. The bracket began for Nicolas99FC going up against Umut. This was a balanced match, but Nicolas99FC took it eventually 4-2.  The other match of the upper Semi Finals was Predator FIFA against Tekkz. This match didn’t go nearly as closely, with Tekkz taking it 6-1. Going in to face each other at the Upper Final though, Nicholass99fc managed to pull through. A decent win against Tekkz. At this point, he was looking pretty dominant for the whole competition.

The Grand Final of the tournament saw Nicholass99FC face matisbonanno99. He had crawled his way up through the lower bracket. He entered the lower bracket back in the first round and managed to beat out every other competitor to rise back to the top. While he put in a strong performance, Nicholas99fc was clearly the strongest player in the group. The finals eventually went to him, 7-2.

You can watch the entire finals broadcast below:

The eChampions League was an expansive event, with a lot of high-level talent playing over the course of the event’s run. Nicholass99fC was definitely the strongest at these finals though. A clean run through the bracket definitely demonstrated the player’s skills in the game. If you’re looking a esports betting for FIFA, then Nicholass99FC is definitely a player to watch in the future.

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