Ninja is everywhere without exclusivity, and its good for everyone

Ninja is still one of the most recognizable faces in gaming. He’s been on quite a few different platforms, but has ultimately decided to not partner with a single one exclusively.

He basically kept Mixer in business single-handedly before the platform was shut down. After a dramatic exit from Twitch, Ninja took a little time off, but now he’s back everywhere. The return was announced with no exclusively deals and it’s actually a great thing for big profile streamers.

Ninja on Fortnite's Bots

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Ninja’s rage quit moment came before the big reveal

This current saga started off at the beginning of September. The streamer rage quit a stream mid-way through, apparently in anger at Fortnite. However, some have pointed out that it coincidentally lined up with his exclusivity deal for Twitch running out. This left fans wondering where exactly Ninja would be streaming in the future.

We now have an answer. Ninja is streaming everywhere.

Ninja is making a return to streaming. This time he’ll be live on just about every platform. Twitch, YouTube, even social media sites like TikTok. In the interim, Ninja became unverified on Twitch which lead some to assume he’ll be ditching the Amazon platform entirely.

Since he’s doing this, he isn’t going to be becoming a partner on Twitch. While they recently changed their rules to allow streamers to use other platforms, they still don’t allow concurrent streams. Ninja won’t have access to the same options on Twitch as he previously did. His community will also be split across all these platforms too.

Deciding Ninja streaming everywhere means he’s more accessible than ever. However, the streamer has had a bit of backlash lately. His rage-quit moment has begun to feel pretty staged. Ninja has had a backlash for faking a crisis, some have even accused of faking mental health problems for hype. While some have issues with Ninja, rage quit moments aren’t anything new. Ninja has frequently had these types of outbursts.

Will Ninja be streaming everywhere forever?

Ninja streaming everywhere is an interesting development. He’ll be taking a drastically different approach to most steamers. It’s also pretty different from how he’s done things in the past. Previously, Ninja signed some of the biggest exclusivity deals, but his last hiatus return and move similarly saw him stream on a variety of platforms.

Last time Ninja was on the marketplace for a new deal, the streamer tried out each platform. He streamed on each website separately. Presumably, in this time he was entertaining offers from most places. Eventually, he went with Twitch and went exclusive.

Ninja streaming everywhere might not be permanent. This might be another way of Ninja trying out different platforms, and giving different platforms an idea of what they get out of signing him exclusively. However, he did also make references to possibly using Patreon in the future. This would see Ninja being funded directly by viewers, not by any specific platform.

This could be the start of a new way of streaming, one that’s less beholden to individual platforms that can cause problems for content creators. We’ve seen plenty of creators lose out on worth and viewership once they lose their native platform. From Shroud to DrDisrespect every big time streamer has seen a downturn in views after departing Twitch.

These streamers can now follow in Ninjas path and create unique content for every platform tailored to the specific audience in each one. Some overlap may still exist but the flexibility in not tying down oneself with a single platform does show a lot of promise.

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