DarkZero x NerdStGamers R6 Tournament is what we needed all along

This weekend NerdStGamers and DarkZero are giving us a special treat. Its a full blown Rainbow Six Siege tournament offering play opportunities for both pros and amateur players.

Between March 11th and 14th, Siege players will get to participate and/or watch others play in the event… and for a pretty neat prize pool at that. A total of $50k will be split between the 20 teams participating in the event. It’s high-time too – there has been quite a lack of Siege tournaments recently… and this game will give people plenty to see.

NSGxDarkZero Participants

© DarkZero Esports

Nerd Street Gamers x DarkZero Pro-Am Siege Tournament Info

The list of teams participating is absolutely impressive. The entire R6 North American League lineup is present and a solid choice of contenders to boot. The tournament format is yet to be outlined.

As for the two headlining organisations – Nerd St. Gamers is an American organisation that aims to make esports accessible to as many people as possible. DarkZero Esports on the other hand is an American esports organization that was founded in 2018. They’re one of the premier R6 teams in North America.

They’re an ideal co-host for a Siege tournament, while Nerd St. Gamers is a great organization for any Pro-Am tournament in general. Fans agree – reactions are positive across the board, with fans excited for the upcoming event, both the players participating and the ones planning to watch it on the streaming channels.

As an interesting element, tokyomachine indicated on Twitter that their music might be featured during the event, and fans definitely indicated an interest already.

Each match will be streamed with up to 4 streams with casters, and even 2 additional clean feeds that content creators can use to run their own commentary on… in other words, you may want to check with your favorite R6 streamer to see if they are running their own version of the event!

You can watch on either Nerd St. Gamers or DarkZero’s official Twitch channels. Be sure not to miss anything!

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