One For All Game Mode Coming to Wild Rift

Riot Games has announced exciting news for Wild Rift fans, which is technically the mobile version of League of Legends. According to Riot, one of LoL’s most famous game modes, One For All Game Mode is coming to Wild Rift.

What is Wild Rift?

Wild Rift is one of the most famous titles of Riot Games as the audience it aims for is actually the largest market gaming in the world, mobile gaming. With keeping that in the mind, Riot Games makes sure that the game is always at its finest to please the players and even attract more. That is why the game always carries what League of Legends offers for PC gamers to mobile users.

Lastly, one of the most famous game modes of LoL has been brought to phones by Riot, One For All. The new game mode will go live with the release of the new patch, Patch 3.5, which will be officially out on November 18.

Wild Rift Ranks

One for All Game Mode Explained

One For All Game Mode offers great entertainment for the players. The format is simple as all five members of a team will decide on one champion and everyone will play the same champion on the rift. The decision will be made during the pick phase and players can pick whatever champion they want. If a champion is picked by at least two players, the rate of playing that champion will get higher. However, there is still a chance for other players’ picks as well as the raffle randomly selects the champion that will be played. You might get your champion picked by the game even if you are the only one showing it, of course, if you are lucky! On the other hand, some champions may be getting on your nerves even when there is only one of them on the rift, and having five against you wouldn’t be very entertaining. To prevent that, players will be able to ban up to five champions in the pick and ban phase.

How it will work is that there will be a separate queue for One For All with the release of the new patch, Patch 3.5. Players who want to try something new will queue differently than the regular ranked players and also the others. Players will be separated into different lobbies according to their Wild Rift ranks to prevent any unfair situations.

New Patch Champions

Apart from the One For All mode, the new patch will also bring three new champions. Aatrox, Kayn, and Lillia will be brought to the game by Riot for Wild Rift players and they will also be available in the new game mode. These new champions will clearly affect the ranks of every player, including Wild Rift Legendary Queue players as the game will have huge changes with the new champions.

Wild Rift is becoming more and more famous each day with the new add-ons. Riot Games surely cares about its title and tries its best to keep the players pleased. The esports side of the title is also becoming better and Wild Rift betting has also become popular among enthusiasts.