Meet the teams and rosters in OWL 2022 – Overwatch League Free Agency

The Overwatch League is moving into a new season, playing on a new beta for the first time. There are…

2 weeks ago

OWL 2022 Week 1 Matches & Narratives – What to Expect

The Overwatch League is about to get back under way this weekend. The OWL 2022 Week 1 matches are coming…

2 weeks ago

Overwatch 2 Beta viewership breaks records, but draws criticism

The Overwatch 2 Beta has recently come out of its closed phase, and players are now free to play it.…

3 weeks ago

Overwatch League co-streaming may be a gamechanger

The Overwatch League is currently gearing up to launch its latest season, this time played on the Overwatch 2 beta.…

4 weeks ago

London Spitfire in a pinch for players close to season start

The Overwatch League is currently gearing up for its fifth and latest season, but it seems like teams are yet…

1 month ago

Can Contenders keep the Overwatch talent pipeline alive?

For all of you looking to itch that scratch for some high-quality, competitive Overwatch, the wait is almost over as…

2 months ago

Super retires from Overwatch League ahead of 2022 season

The Overwatch League is currently gearing up for what looks to be an exciting season. The game is coming back…

2 months ago

OWL 2022 Schedule Announced – Format and Opening matches

The Overwatch League is heating up once again with the 2022 season now coming up fast. The League has gone…

3 months ago

Can the Overwatch League getting outsourced be a good thing?

Here we are, talking about a Blizzard game once again, and this time, it is Overwatch. You might be wondering,…

3 months ago

Overwatch Lunar New Year 2022 – Skins, Cosmetics and Event Rewards

Like every year, the first event of the year in Overwatch is Lunar New Year which lasts from January 25th…

4 months ago


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