OWL Countdown Cup Qualifiers Weekend Match Preview & Predictions

The Overwatch League has had a rough few weeks, with the loss of major sponsors calling the League’s future into question. However, outside of behind-the-scenes dramas, matches are still going on. With or without all sponsors, the Overwatch League 2021 season is grinding towards its conclusion. Recent action from the best Overwatch pros and teams hasn’t exactly indicated the league is under the same strife. Instead, the action has been as strong as ever. This is what’s going on so far at the OWL Countdown Cup qualifiers, and what you can expect from the final major before the season’s end.


OWL Countdown Cup Qualifiers

If you’ve come here for our standard OWL betting rundown, than the Countdown Cup has had a few surprises. The seventeenth week of overall matches saw a decent number of games being played, with a few unexpected results over the course.

The first few matches of the week didn’t really see many big teams hit up against each other. Toronto beating London, Vancouver over Boston, Philadelphia over New York, none of these were really a surprise. However, things got a bit more interesting in the second half of the matches.

One team that has really come into their own in the OWL Countdown Cup qualifiers is Atlanta Reign. The squad beat Florida Mayhem 3-2, following this by taking out Dallas 3-1. This has put them firmly on the top of the standings for the Countdown Cup, and they might actually be the team to watch in the West side of the League going into the bracket. Dallas’s Season has gone really well, but they’ve taken a bit of a hit in this cup so far.

In the east side of the league, Shanghai won both of their matches. This could be expected, but they’d so far had a weak few rounds in the OWL Countdown Cup qualifiers. Despite being one of the stand-out teams of the entire season and winning the bulk of the tournaments, Shanghai lost their two matches prior to this. Philadelphia has also stood out in the Countdown Cup so far, by they lost to Seoul this week alongside winning against New York.

These were some of the more surprising results. Going into the final week before the bracket, the standings for the Countdown Cup are looking quite different.

Countdown Cup Final Week Matches Preview

The final week of matches for the Countdown Cup is about to kick off. The final batch of matches are going to decide who goes through to the bracket and has a final chance to impress prior to the last cup.

In terms of closest matches, Gladiators are up against Mayhem which has the potential to be a bit of a close match. Chengdu Hunters also have the potential to pick up some of the first wins for this tournament which could help them progress through to the bracket.

These are the matches that are being played over the week. In bold, we’ve marked who you can expect to see win in the OWL Countdown Cup qualifiers. Check our esports bookmakers section to find the esports odds that match your specific accumulator slip.

  • Paris v Toronto
  • Florida v Houston
  • Hangzhou v Chengdu
  • Valiant v Guangzhou
  • London v Paris
  • Shock v Vancouver
  • Florida v Gladiators
  • Valiant v Chengdu
  • Guangzhou v Hangzhou
  • London v Vancouver
  • Gladiators v Houston
  • Shock v Toronto

Those are the teams we can look at based on past performance and their odds. However, the Overwatch League has been pretty surprising so far this year with a lot of big upsets taking place. So make sure you tune in and catch the League yourself.

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