OWL Finals 2020: Back to Back or Zero to Hero

With only a few days to go before the Overwatch League finals are taking place, it’s time to get ready for the biggest OWL event of the year. Four teams and six match-ups will determine the next OWL Finals Champion and the winner of $1,500,000 in prize funds. A potential back2back is on the line with 2019 Champions SF Shock or a zero-to-hero story with Dragons going from record low to record high in 16 months.

It’s all happening this weekend (10th of October). The best two teams from both the Asian and North American regions will be competing in a double-elimination bracket. The Grand Finals MVP will be determined, and rewarded with a special trophy as well as $100,000.

Overwatch League Finals 2020


Season of changes and path to Finals

This season was supposed to be a season of change for the Overwatch League. Abandoning old practices, the OWL adopted the traveling “circus” homestand format with amazing events scattered around the globe. However, a global pandemic ruined the fun for everyone and put the already struggling franchise into even deeper trouble.

Eventually, everything moved online, matches were cancelled, the regional format was changed and tweaked. The entire season has been difficult for players and organizations alike. In the end, the teams that made it to the Grand Finals weekend are partly surprising, and partly as expected. The North American and Asian Playoffs already threw a wrench in how the path to finals is determined. While the North American side saw expected favorites dominate the scene, the Asian matches were as random and unpredictable as they were short.

Defending champions San Francisco Shock that started as the second seed into playoffs, just behind Philadelphia Fusion. Both were pretty much expected to once again get far into the bracket. Both ended up at opposing ends of the bracket into the Grand Finals.

On the more surprising side of the Playoffs are the top seeds in Asia, Shanghai Dragons and Seoul Dynasty. The zero to hero story arc has been going on ever since last season. From losing all 40 games in the inaugural season, through a rebuild, to 27 wins and 2 losses streak this season, they held an amazing regular season record both ways.

Finally, Seoul Dynasty is once again in the mix at the peak end of the season. As per usual the Korean home squad is always in the mix when things get tricky and 2020 was no expection.

Finals Breakdown

The Finals match-ups have been known for awhile now. Analyses are done left right and center on all aspects of play. There’s plenty you can read at the official Overwatch League portal. Our focus however, is mostly on Overwtch betting, and how you can turn some exotic esports odds into a winning betslip.

The two match-ups ahead of us are:

San Francisco Shock vs Seoul Dynasty
Shanghai Dragons vs Philadelphia Fusion

Outright betting expectedly favors both Shock and Dragons in the Finals openers. It would be easy to bet outright or combo both matches for nearly 2x return. Outright gussing the OWL 2020 Champion out of these two favorites can still get you into profit even if you bet on both Dragons and Shock individually as they both have 2.20 and 2.75 coefficients individually. Even if you place an equal bet on both you are still guaranteed a small profit.

There is money to be made in betting on both Fusion and Dynasty as well. If you are interested in live betting you are likely going to find specific map winner selections in both opening matches. Likely high chance upsets by Dynasty can be expected on Busan and/or Holywood against Shock. The same can be said about Fusion who should be ahead on Lijiang Tower over the Dragons.

Your singles bets ahead of this maps are guaranteed to give you great returns. In case both favorites win, we should see Fusion and Dynasty play a drawn out loser bracket match that can be put heavily into a high map differential. A Shock and Dragons upper bracket Round 2 should serve us as practice for the Grand Finals and a potential to scout out specific bets for their potential rematch.

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