Overwatch Playoffs – Week 1 That No One Predicted

The Overwatch postseason is now in full swing, with a few days of its playoffs bracket completed. The Overwatch playoffs have kicked off in light of a big game patch, which brought tanks and DPS heroes into focus for these matches. The playoffs will decide what team comes out on top of the entire Season. Every team gets the chance to progress through, but at the moment we’re watching the lower teams fight their way through to make it to the later rounds of the Overwatch playoffs.

While the rounds have had some upsets, it seems that less than 1% of fans came anywhere close to predicting whats happened. At least if a prediction bracket is anything to go by. This is what’s happened so far.

Overwatch Playoffs - Week 1 That No One Predicted

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Overwatch Playoffs – What’s Happened So Far?

The playoffs had interesting an turn of events at every stop along the way. Many of the pre event predictions went out quickly as the shifting meta completely negated most pre-event expectations.

Round 1 and 2 

The second round matches were pretty eventful. Houston Outlaws, Vancouver Titans and London Spitfire have been taken out of consideration from the get go.

Spitfire lost 3-1, although they put up a good fight. The tank players in the game really dominated, especially Ameng with Wrecking Ball. In North America, the LA Gladiators vs Defiant was a bit of a was the closest match to call. The Gladiators finished ahead at 3-2, but it was a close call after Birdring missed the map from illness.

Boston Uprising pulled off an impressive win against Houston Outlaws in round 1, but faltered in the 2nd round up against Atlanta Reign. Washington Justice were also knocked down to the losers bracket and are now facing Valiant. On the Asian side the Hunters and Spark both finished their playoffs runs.

Round 3

In the third round of the playoffs Philadelphia Fusion completely dominated both LA squads with a 3-0 scoreline. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise given their performance this season, but they might go all the way this time around.

San Francisco Shock entered the Overwatch playoffs with two back to back victories as expected. They first played a really intense series versus Washing Justice, followed by a cleaner run versus Atlanta Reign. Both Shock and Fusion are at the top of the bracket and are set to meet on September 12th.

This might feel like a slightly anticlimactic turn of events. The two teams that finished the highest in North America are the two to make it to the winner’s bracket finals without trouble. We can fully expect whoever loses their matchup to still advance forward to the Finals with ease.

The Asia playoffs are still underway, but so far Seoul Dynasty has been a team to watch. Their ability with tanks has been huge over the course of the playoffs. This team only entered the competition in the second round, so they’ve come a little further than others in the same position. Guangzhou Charge and New York Excelsior will have to knock each other out while the Dragons and Dynasty compete for the first finals spot.

If Seoul Dynasty pulls ahead here, we can maybe avoid a grand final bracket featuring the top 3 teams in the regular season .

The Prediction Bracket in Overwatch Playoffs

To add a little excitement to the Playoffs bracket, Overwatch League has been running a bracket competition for a chance to win $100,000. A lot of players got involved, the but results have been surprising, to say the least. If you’re engaged in Overwatch betting, you might not have had much luck either.

Only 5.2% of fans have actually progressed through the Boston match. With these kinds of results, we wont see anyone actually manage to predict the playoffs bracket in full. Even when the top teams in the regular season come out on top, the scuffle between lower-ranking teams continues to be unpredictable.

If you think you can do better than 95% of Overwatch fans, then Overwatch League esports betting on single matches might be a better idea! Keep an eye on the upcoming playoffs games on YouTube, and follow the latest Overwatch news and you might stand more of a chance of winning.

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