OWL Grand Finalists Locked in – MVP Names and All-Stars Event

The Overwatch League’s Grand Finales are now set and fast approaching. Over the past few weeks the playoffs have whittled down the OWL teams into just four powerhouses that will face each other in the OWL Grand Finals. That’s not all that’s been going on though. We’ve also gained a new seasonal Overwatch MVP and got some details on upcoming tie in skins, and the All-Stars Weekend taking place before the finals.

The OWL Grand Finals will be played between the teams who came out on top of the two regional Playoffs brackets. Predictably, this includes the San Francisco Shock, Shanghai Dragons, and Philadelphia Fusion after they finished in the top three spots of the regular League. Seoul Dynasty have joined them in the grand finals after a tight victory in the losers bracket. Our predictions from the Bracket Builder went very wrong from the get go, yet we still managed to guess the four finalists correctly.

OWL Grand Finalists Locked in - MVP Names and All-Stars Event

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The OWL Grand Finals – Playoffs Conclude

Coming into the OWL Grand finals we should look at how did the four finalists got here. It’s been an eventful run for three out of the four teams. First up, San Francisco Shock defeated Fusion 3-1 to head into the Grand Finals. There was solid odds for Fusion at multiple bookmakers, and yet the leading a team that many expected to go all the way ended up competing against Washington Justice in the loser’s bracket.

NA Bracket to OWL Grand Finals

Justice was staging an impressive comeback story of their own. They’d won their first and third games in the loser’s brackets with a clean sweep. Unfortunately, this was cut short by Philadelphia Fusion, who won three nil to officially make it into the finals.

That final game against Washington Justice was a doozy however. Fusion had a great set up especially with their tank players. It was a shame for Justice though since their run through the lower bracket has been one of the most exciting parts of the Playsoffs.

Asia Bracket to OWL Grand Finals

The Asia bracket for the Overwatch League playoffs saw Seoul Dynasty sweep New York Excelsior 3-0 in what was a very hard call for us to make even when predicting this outcome. We expected a disappointing run for NYXL from the get go. Our bracket builder predictions had them losing to both the Dragons and Charge back to back. They did however nuke the Guangzhou squad into oblivion before facing Dynasty.

In the match-up, Seoul’s tank players performed particularly well, but New York did put up a good fight. Considering that Seoul has had great form lately, New York still got a result they can be proud of in 2020. Seoul coming back from their lower placement in the league gives us some higher stakes for their games in the Grand Finals.

All-Stars Event and Skins

Before the OWL Grand Finals get underway, we have one other event to get through. The All-Stars event is a bit different this year, but it’ll still be as fun as ever. Some new skins are also coming to the game to tie-in to this.

New D.Va and Reinhardt skins are going to be available for a limited time towards the All-Stars. The event itself is going to be slightly different because of the ongoing pandemic situation. This year there will be separate events for North America and Asia. They’re both due to take place before the grand finales, with the North America league kicking off on October 3rdand Asia on September 26.

The All-Stars competition and competitors are still voted in by fans. Apart from the standard superstar showmatch game, players will be taking part in events like a Widowmaker 1v1 competing and the broadcasters will have a chance to play  a 6-v-6 match format.

Fleta named Overwatch MVP

Finally, Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim has been named the Overwatch League MVP of the 2020 season. The Flex DPS is the biggest assets for Shanghai Dragons with his versatile skill set 0n different heroes.

If you’re looking at Overwatch betting for the last round of the Grand Finales, then Fleta and the Shanghai Dragons are a team to consider. While the playoffs have partially recreated the standings situation from the tail end of the Overwatch League’s season, there is still a contender that has amazing odds to bet outright on.

Seoul Dynasty is likely going to have a tough time with SF Shock in Round 1 of the finals. But if they manage to win expect to have your winnings to be at least 3x your initial bet.

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