OWL 2021 Roster Changes and Player Droppings

The 2021 season of the Overwatch League saw a new format and a lot of ups and downs. In the end, Shanghai Dragons claimed victory after a season that saw some major upsets. The standings of each roster in the League saw major movement throughout the season. Part of this could be down to roster movements and layer droppings that happen between seasons The OWL teams tend to move around quite a bit. Keeping an eye on OWL 2021 roster changes can help you predict who to watch for in the next season for Overwatch betting. It can give a good idea of who is confident, and who has a team to remake in the offseason. This is what you need to know, and what you can expect in the upcoming season of the OWL from the changes.

OWL Roster Changes 2021

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OWL 2021 Roster Changes and Player Droppings

The Overwatch League’s 2021 season was full of surprises, but 2022 is shaping up to be something entirely different. It looks like this will be the first season of the league to move onto Overwatch 2. This is bringing loads of changes, like big changes to how heroes work, new heroes, new maps, new formats, and the entire removal of one of the two tanks in the game. So how are the OWL 2021 roster changes reflecting this? It can be helpful to look at what the biggest teams are doing, and if they’re choosing to play it safe before Overwatch 2 launches and keep or go for something entirely different with a whole new team.

These are some of the biggest OWL 2021 roster changes that have gone down since the season’s end and what they could mean for the Overwatch League.

Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws didn’t exactly set the world on fire in 2021. While they picked up a few good results, their squad was definitely middle of the road. They’ve had the most recent batch of rosters changes, showing there might be a bit of a shake-up in the next season. Both JJANGGU and Joobi have left the team to retire from Overwatch in October. Across September, their co-head coach Harsha and KSF also both retired. This is quite the hole in their team and they’re going to need to find some new blood to fill their roster back up. Although, they still have some well-liked players like JAKE and PIGGY on board.

Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel were one of the major surprises for the 2021 season of Overwatch, eventually finishing up in third place for the season. However, they have had a few OWL 2021 roster changes since the end of the season. Their assistant coach Yong has left, along with Jecse, Pine, and Rapel.

Toronto Defiant

Over the course of the 2021 Season, Toronto had plenty of changes with a few players going onto loan, coming back, and moving onto full-length contracts. However, the end of the 2021 season has seen quite a few changes go down here. ASOONJAW, Lastro, Aztac, SADO, Na1st, Logix, Aspire, and the assistant coach HoChiLee have all left the team. This is the largest turnover out of the teams so far in the season. It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out in the future.

Florida Mayhem

Florida Mayhem pulled off a few surprise wins this season, but by the time of the end of the year pulled around they hadn’t achieved very much. They might have a brighter future ahead though. They’ve lost 6 players in October already, BQB, Checkmate, OGE, Gargoyle, SLIME, and Gangnamjin.

Other Changes

Those are the biggest changes to the OWL rosters in 2021. However, a few other teams have had some players coming and going too. These are the other changes that have happened since the season’s end:

  • Develop has left Shanghai Dragons, their first roster change since July.
  • Ameng has left Chengdu.
  • Philadelphia Fusion has lost Mobydik and ManO.
  • Tsuna, Vestola, and Onigod have left Paris Eternal. Along with a translator and the head coach.
  • Hangzhou Spark has lost their assistant coach, IDK, M1ka, ColdesT, and SeoMinSoo.
  • Jihun, MYKaylee, KariV, and Mandu have all left Guangzhou Charge.

While the start of October is usually when big roster changes happen, they have till next April to really get their new squads in place. So it’s worth watching out for more OWL 2021 roster changes, and see which players bow out before Overwatch 2 comes to the league.

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