PUBG New State Dev Update – PUBG Esports 2022 and New Maps

PUBG had a big year in 2021, launching plenty of new maps and a big expansion to the game’s esports scene. While PUBG is one of the older Battle Royales, it has seen decent growth in recent years. The game has continued to innovate on the BR format, bringing new ways to play.

The esports side of the game has grown too, even hitting new highs with the PCG 2021. A PUBG New State Dev Update has just detailed some of the first updates for the year in PUBG. There is now some guidance on what’s coming for the game, alongside the details we already know for PUBG Esports in 2022.

PUBG New State Map

PUBG New State Dev Update

The New Year saw a message come from the PUBG New State devs. This isn’t quite a full roadmap, but there is plenty of new information about what’s coming. Most importantly, we’ve got some details of a new map. The map does seem looks interesting enough with unique terrain. This isn’t enough information to really make any judgments about the map. However, big things are in the works for New State in 2022.

Two maps will also be released to PUBG Battlegrounds, these have been detailed in the PUBG New State dev update. These will be Troi and the upgraded version of Erangel. While Troi is entirely new, Erangel is another redux. In recent years the older and more outdated PUBG maps have seen big renovations. These change the maps considerably. While they keep some fan-favorite aspects, the new maps are pretty different.

Alongside new maps, a more general timeline was detailed for PUBG New State in 20221. This begins with two big updates which will be starting in the first two months of the year. These updates are probably going to be addressing quality of life issues alongside new content. PUBG New State has had a number of problems since its release with bugs and connections. If these can be fixed, it will be a big improvement for the game.

Alongside the new updates and details, the PUBG New State devs updates in 2022 included a gift for players. They can use the coupon code HAPPYNEWSTATE to unlock six chicken medals and three Royal Chest Tickets.

PUBG Esports in 2022

That’s what’s been detailed so far about the game’s updates in the PUBG New State Devs update for 2022. However, fans looking at the competitive side of the game have quite a bit to look forward to as well. These are the major events that will be going on for PUBG in 2022:

  • PUBG Continental Series – The PUBG Continental Series will kick off in September. These will be regional online championships.
  • PUBG Nations Cup – In June, a World Cup-style event will be going down for PUBG.
  • PGC Champions – The PGC 2021 is the biggest event for the year, we can expect another edition of this tournament towards the end of the year.

The previous PUBG Nations Cup was a big sucess, with plenty of fans tuning in to cheer their country and team. After a 2-year long hiatus, this big event is finally making a second entry. Expect to see some of the best PUBG players showcase their skills in this exciting event.

There are plenty of smaller and qualifying PUBG events going down soon too. Regional events kick-off as early as January for players. PUBG betting is making a strong resurgence with esports bookmakers finally providing odds for matches. That’s everything that will be going on with PUBG esports and the PUBG New State dev update for the year.