PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge 2019 Grand Final will be celebrated in Taipei

On September 7th and 8th, the city of Tapei will hold the grand final of the PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge 2019.

This powerful tournament brought together 32 YouTube video game stars and 48 professional players.

A new type of tournament arises?

It should be noted that this meeting, which began last July, has a particularity that makes it epic and extremely innovative. Within it develops a Reality Show called “Road to Stardom”, which consists of each Youtuber, choosing a team to fight live, each fight requires concentration as well as a great work together.

Thanks to the association of Tencent with Google Play, you can already find the episodes on YouTube, among which circulate the fifth live of “Road to Stardom” where you can see the teams playing in a battle of snipers, fights for defense of the city and other difficulties including 3 difficult stages they must go through.

The final battle of the PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge 2019

In the final big battle, 16 of the best PUBG MOBILE YouTubers in the world are on the waiting list to play with 16 teams. These teams have been selected specifically and cautiously, as from there will know who will reach stardom.

Likewise, fans and players from all over the world can choose their favorite YouTuber through the online voting system which reopened with a second phase on July 11 and culminates on September 8 with the last tournament. The content creator who gets more votes worldwide will deserve the title of “Most popular” and will be announced the same day of the grand finale.

PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge 2019


Until now we know that TeamIND and Team SouL will represent the Indian scene of PUBG, along with the creators of Indian content: Kronten, Gareebooo, TheRawKnee, and Dynamo Gaming.

For its part, this event has had the presence of millions of PUBG MOBILE fans from around the world, who like the players and creators, live the adrenaline of each game.

The tournament features a $250,000 award distributed among the winners: the first place creator will be awarded $100,000; the second place will be awarded $50,000 and the third and final place will be awarded $25,000.

If you want to participate in the voting process, know more about the tournament, or why not? Buy tickets to go watch the action live, go to the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 page. Do not forget you can even earn rewards by connecting your YouTube account with PUBG MOBILE. is providing you all the latest Esports News. Have a look at our Battle Royale news section and do not forget to check out our PUBG betting guide!.