Rainbow Six Siege Introduces Ranked 2.0 in Operation Solar Raid

It was just hours ago that Ubisoft revealed the details for Operation Solar Raid, arguably the most impactful R6S update to drop in years. There are countless changes and updates being made to the highly competitive platform as a part of Solar Raid, including the introduction of Ranked 2.0. This game-changing update to the existing Ranked system promises to totally overhaul the experience of every player diving face-first into the more competitive side of Rainbow Six Siege.

When Ubisoft dropped the full reveal, fans were left flabbergasted. There were mentions of a new Op, an entirely new map, the introduction of crossplay and cross-progression, a new reputation system, and much more. It’s a massive update, and it’s especially remarkable considering that the game is almost seven years old. There’s still plenty of life left in the Rainbow Six Siege ecosystem, and Ubisoft seems intent on flaunting that fact for all it’s worth.

What Is New In Rainbow Six Siege Ranked 2.0?

rainbow six siege ranked 2.0

Image Credit: Ubisoft

At the heart of Ranked 2.0 sits a refreshed progression path, with Ubisoft having totally revised the Rainbow Six ranks and division structure. Following the deployment of Operation Solar Raid, there will be five divisions present within each rank. When climbing these ranks, a player will need to earn one hundred ‘rank points’ to ascend upwards into the next division. Furthermore, Ubisoft has added an entirely new rank, this one named ‘Emerald’, which sits in-between Diamond and Platinum.

In a bid to make Rainbow Six Siege Ranked 2.0 more accessible, Ubisoft has applied a little slack to some of the MMR restrictions. Before, players were unable to queue with their friends if their rank differed, but with Operation Solar Raid, that’s a thing of the past. Reportedly, tweaks have been applied to make the matchmaking algorithms much more intelligent, adjusting according to the MMR of players attempting to queue, regardless of their rank.

Oh, and MMR isn’t called MMR anymore – it’s now called ‘Skill’, and it’s a totally independent figure from your overall rank.

How Do The Rainbow Six Siege Ranks Work?

We’ve already assembled a handy guide that breaks down the end-to-end flow of the ranking system in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s highly recommended that you check that article out, as it offers the best view possible over levelling up in Ranked 2.0.

In the meantime, here’s a quick overview of the new Ranked 2.0 split:

  • Copper V – I
  • Bronze V – I
  • Silver V – I
  • Gold V – I
  • Platinum V – I
  • Emerald V – I
  • Diamond V – I
  • Champion

As you work up the ranks in Ranked 2.0, you’ll also receive more rewards. In the past, ranking up awarded a player with nothing more than a charm, but in Operation Solar Raid, players will start to receive more bang for their buck. For instance, every time a player now reaches a new rank, they’ll unlock a charm, a special background, and as a final sweetener, some Alpha Packs.

This is a huge update and players are already excited, it’ll be interesting to see how Ubisoft aims to top this in the next Operation. As the best Rainbow Six Siege players continue to sharpen their skills, the Six Siege esports calendar continues to unfold. As you read this, players are in the thick of it at the Six Jonkoping Major.

Operation Solar Raid drops on December 6th – enjoy!