KFC Gaming strikes again in Esports! Rainbow 6 wins the World Cup of Games

KFC is at it again. Ten days after crowning the champion of “World Cup of Games” (Rainbow Six) the KFC Gaming twitter account dropped gold nugget for us two days ago.

But first… A moment of silence for the other 63 titles that did not make the cut on the road to being the ultimate game of this competition.

KFC Gaming World Cup of Games

© KFC Gaming

As the winner was announced, KFC Gaming hinted that a reward was in the works for the vast Rainbow 6 community (100,000 votes), that made their favorite game the champion. One week later an update arrived and the theory-crafting began.

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KFC esports adventures

It has been a while since we wrote about Colonel Sanders and his KFC esports adventures.  Back in April the KFC Battle Esports was announced in Europe, featuring amateur tournaments in CS:GO and Dota2 with full expense trips to “The Berlin Major 2019” and “The International 2019” promised for the winners. One such winner, Cherbuhovskiy Leonid “Bobruha” from MIG Gaming, recently gave us an update and praised KFC and the crew for the whole TI experience and hinted more updates coming soon.

It seems to me that KFC is committed to leveling up their esports game globally even further, and the upcoming Rainbow Six event might be the start of it all. With prizes promising “Money and Chicken” and a clip featuring (among others) Demise and Exilium battling it out, we can be certain KFC gaming is preparing a nice tournament or at least a show match for the fans. Famous Rainbow 6 caster Loviel “Velly” Cardwell already offered his services for the event. Spacestation Gaming took interest as well.

Do keep in mind that information is scarce at this moment and almost everything is speculation. We can surely hope KFC doesn’t fail on this one. The company has been trying to get into the esports honeypot for a while now. Just type “KFC failed esports” in your search engine and enjoy a day worth of reading material.

In about 2 weeks’ time we will get an update on what KFC Gaming has in store for us. Until then, the Rainbow Six family continues celebrating its victory over every game on the market.

Rainbow Six winner of KFC Gaming World Cup of Games

© KFC Gaming

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