Rainbow 6 Siege’s next Tournaments are almost here

Rainbow 6 Siege is a true from-the-ashes story – after nearly failing entirely as an esport, it came back with a vengeance and amassed a surprisingly large following along with a significant competitive scene. That very scene is about to become even more lively than it already is – two of the biggest tournaments of the year are about to go down, and within a week of each other at that!


© Ubisoft

The first of the two takes place on the 13th of April, and it’s of course the Pro League Season 9 of the Asia Pacific region. This event is particularly interesting as the same organizers are also hosting and organising the ESL finals in Milan, Italy in May – there’s some high expectations here!

The tournament is going to be a double round robin league – in other words, each team plays each other twice, in best of 1 matches – with a prize pool of just over $27k, the teams can win big… but not as big as they can in the Season 9 finals that are taking place, as mentioned, in Milan in May. The top two teams from this competition are going on to qualify for it, and the $167k prize pool that is up for grabs in the finals.

The other event is no less important though and is even more well-known; it’s the latest rendition of the world-famous DreamHack event. On the 20th of April, in Rio de Janeiro, the latest DreamHack will take place and it’s set to be one of the biggest ones yet. In three separate arenas, various events, games and competitions are taking place – one of them is Rainbow 6 Siege!

With a significantly smaller prize pool of only about $15k dollars, this single elimination tournament isn’t quite as high-profile as the Pro League is, but that is to be expected – we are still looking forward to some exciting plays and epic face-offs between the Brazillian teams that earned their spots through various qualifiers, including the closed qualifiers, female qualifiers and BYOC qualifiers.


© Ubisoft

As for Rainbow 6 itself, the game is still continuing its upwards trajectory in regard to fanbase, popularity and overall viewer/player-engagement. The thirteenth instalment in the Rainbow 6 Franchise didn’t have an easy start, but it recovered beautifully and made for an overall great esport.

Released almost 4 years ago, the game took some time to really launch into the esport it is now. With roughly 40 Million players in 2018, the game is quite popular. It took a few upgrades of the game as well as content additions to reach this state, but even after a controversy in which publisher Ubisoft censored some game elements relating to blood and sex in preparation for release in China, the game didn’t drop in popularity… and after considerable community feedback, Ubisoft actually took it back and reverted the game back to its original state – a great move from Ubisoft!

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