RLCS 2021-22 Winter Europe Premier Cup Playoffs Predictions and Analysis

The Rocket League Championship Series 22 concludes the group stage with mindboggling upsets. As we head into the Playoffs at RLCS 2021-22 Winter Europe Regional Event 2, we are already missing out on notable powerhouses, namely Endpoint CeX, SMPR Esports, Karmine Corp, and Team Vitality.

We had said we hate to bid goodbye to the losers, but hey, that just means there’s room for worthy candidates in Rocket League betting.

Playoffs bracket at RLCS 2021-22 Winter Europe Regional Event 2 Premier Cup

Team BDS vs Team Queso

Team BDS needs no introduction, especially since they won the Fall Split Major recently. In fact, they have been raking in wins at consecutive majors, so certainly a big player in the Winter Europe Regional Event.

The more interesting candidate in this match is Team Queso, whose portfolio is still relatively new in RLCS2021-22. However, after winning the Apollo Open EU Regional Event 1 versus Dignitas, Queso shows decent promise. Their records in the group stage have been unbeatable as well, albeit their group arguably has less prominent opponents.

In a strategic fight versus BDS, Queso might have to go on the defensive side to counter BDS players’ aggressive maneuver. An ideal winning scenario for Queso could only be to halt BDS from scoring goals while leaving it to the last minute or overtime to snatch a cheeky one-pointer.

Queso’s high momentum seems to be rolling as the odds are evenly matched between BDS and the lather at x1.84 odds.

Evil Geniuses vs Misfits Gaming

Now if it isn’t a pleasant surprise for underdog fans. EG and Misfits were closed qualifier contenders, that stomped their respective groups to meet in the upper bracket.

While the two candidates aren’t pillars in RLCS2021-22, they are still staples in the scene. EG, in particular, has frequent participation in RLCS2021-22 events but fell just short of winning conditions for playoffs. This time around, they shook the stage by upsetting Endpoint CeX and Karmine Corp for a change.

Misfits, on the other hand, recently acquired the uprising prodigy squad, Monkeys. The team maintained their performance thus far and managed to topple Team Dignitas and Vitality. Although Misfits’ showing is impressive, it’s arguably a fluke since the team’s lack of presence can become a wow factor versus even prominent teams.

While Misfits still rides the hype bandwagon, the odds reflect in favor of them at x1.63 versus EG at x2.11 returns. Thus, it is wiser to side EG in this match for their seasoned line-up and achievement in defeating key powerhouses.

Team Luminosity vs Dignitas

Enters Team Luminosity, the Canadian esports org debuts into the RLCS2021-22 by acquiring a stack of high-profile players. Notably, the Spanish superstar, Sergio “AtomiK” Pérez Cortés will be under the spotlight to dominate the RLCS 2021-22 Winter Europe Regional Event 2 and beyond.

For starters, Luminosity is already making big records by eliminating Endpoint CeX yesterday. Facing the tough opponent, the match concluded with clutch wins in favor of Luminosity.

However, the newcomer might find their next opponent, Dignitas to be a tougher nut to crack. Dignitas, a mainstay in EU RLCS2021-22, has history dating back to 2018. The team has its fair share of poor performances and ground-breaking wins, which makes Dignitas one outstanding opponent to defeat.

Luminosity might just find themselves caught up in Dignitas’ many tricks under their sleeves. Notably, Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson is notoriously known among the best Rocket League players that left viewers and opponents alike baffled by his stunts.

The exclusive odds on LOOT.BET reflects deservingly in favor of Dignitas at x1.42 while Luminosity is at x2.60 odds.

Guild Esports vs 00 Nation DNB

Guild Esports and 00 Nation are new players in the scene, and probably the factor why it’s arguably an underrated match for fans to watch.

Nevertheless, they have made it thus far to call themselves the top eight in RLCS 2021-22 Winter Europe Regional Event 2. Both teams took down EU giants, namely Karmine Corp and SMPR Esports, so they surely are decent candidates. In hindsight, we are torn on which team is better, considering their lack of past matches, so this gamble is easily a coin flip.

It would likely boil down to which team can pull off the slickest Rocket League goals. As such, the Rocket League odds remain unbiased at x1.87 returns.

The fights for top-eight finishes will surely be a testament to these remaining candidates at the RLCS 2021-22 Winter Europe Regional Event 2. Surely, no RLCS fan would want to miss these intense matches, so don’t miss out on playoffs match odds exclusively on LOOT.BET

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