RLCS Winter Major 2022 kicks off with a fiery group stage

The RLCS (2021-22) Winter Split Major concludes its first day of the group stage. Version1, Endpoint CeX, G2 Esports, and Dignitas performed exceptionally to secure top seeds in their respective groups.

However, the competition will just intensify as we move forward, here’s our recap on what happened on Day 1.

A stacked group stage in RLCS Winter Major

Frankly, groups B and C have the toughest opponents competing against one another. For instance, Group B has Endpoint CeX, FURIA, The General NRG, and Renegades, while G2 Esports, Team BDS, Evil Geniuses, and Team Secret reside in Group C.

Despite being decent teams themselves, EG and Team Secret find themselves with the short end of the stick after losing two series. Yet, it was a relatively close series for EG and Secret that narrowly lost their match against BDS and G2 respectively. Unfortunately, only the top three proceeds to playoffs after Day 2 matches, where EG or Secret will be playing for tournament life. Between the two contenders, EG has been performing consistently to consider them a formidable opponent, making Secret the oddball in this elite group.

Rough start for North America’s NRG

Day 2 schedule will be a lovely treat for The General NRG fans. Not only did they got overthrown by FURIA in a one-sided sweep, but NRG still has crucial matches against Europe’s powerhouse, Endpoint CeX, and the Aussie stack, Renegades.
As such, the stakes are high for NRG to redeem themselves today, else they might just end up as the eliminated team. Nevertheless, NRG will likely hold their ground, at least against Renegades, which is enough to proceed to Playoffs.

FURIA’s redemption season!

NRG aside, FURIA’s strong debut into RLCS Winter Major is a pleasant surprise for South American fans. The team was easily the top candidate in the SAM region, where they ranked first place at every SAM Winter regional event. Their typical dominance over notable teams makes them a fearsome threat during the Fall Split Major but fell off against less familiar teams, such as Renegades.

Hence, Group B for FURIA and Renegades hits close to home for FURIA, which intends to win their revenge match. Up against Endpoint CeX, chances are FURIA already studied Endpoint CeX enough to secure them a cheeky win. Their calculative map drafts against NRG just go to show that they aren’t your run-in-the-mill team that brute force their matches.

Version1 shuts down regional rival, FaZe Clan

Over at Group A, FaZe Clan finds themselves overwhelmed by their NA rival, Version1. What’s worse is that V1 swept the series clean 3-0 against the runner-up in RLCS NA Winter Ranking.

Looking back at the beatdown, V1 played FaZe like a fiddle by forcing a deadlock during the entire round. Then, right before the match ends, V1 pulls a trick shot up their sleeves, landing the winning Rocket League goal shot. Although the first round led to overtime due to V1’s sloppiness in securing that winning shot, they quickly regained formation in the other rounds.

As for FaZe Clan, a redeeming victory from DeToNator was enough to secure them, at least a top-three finish in Group A.

Spacestation Gaming’s comeback series

Last but not least, Group D ends the first day with a nail-biting series between Spacestation Gaming and Dignitas. Dignitas had total dominance over the first two rounds, whereby SSG couldn’t even land a single goal. Just when viewers thought that SSG is not going past Dignitas’s impeccable defense, the former went into overdrive to force a three-round win.

Needless to say, Dignitas’ first series in RLCS Winter Major did not go well after the full-swing comeback by SSG. Let’s hope that Dignitas doesn’t lose their team morale after such a devastating loss. On the Brightside, Group D only has three participants after Sandrock Gaming withdrew from the major due to visa issues.

This means all participants will proceed to the playoffs regardless of the outcome. Of course, a first-place will earn the winner an upper bracket slot, which Dignitas was hoping to secure. The only scenario where Dignitas could compete for first place again would be to hope that Pioneers defeat SSG in an unlikely miracle, forcing a tiebreaker.

Thoughts going into RLCS Winter Major Day 2

In hindsight, the RLCS Winter Split Major showed that the power gap between favorites and new contenders isn’t too wide. Underdogs, such as FURIA, EG, and Secret have the potential to topple down the favorites if the latter underestimate these teams’ strength.

Thus, Day 2 at RLCS Winter Split Major will surely be a treat to watch once again as the group stage comes to its final verdict. If Rocket League betting is up your alley, consider checking out the various esports bookmakers providing exclusive odds on the RLCS Winter Split Major.

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