Rocket League Season 3 Pass and is it worth buying this time around

Rocket League was famously quite late to start off their seasonal content and game pass. Where games like Fortnite capitalized on the opportunity of ranked and tier-bound content and challenges early on, Rocket League couldn’t quite live up to the Rocket in its name… but it got there eventually,  and it did so pretty well.

In the spirit of good content and plenty of fun… Rocket League is now back with a threequel! That’s right, Rocket League’s Season 3 is launching on April 7th on all platforms. That means, now is the time to turn on your Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, or Xbox One/X, hopefully in time for the launch of the pass in just a few days.

Rocket League Season 3

Rocket League Season 3 Pass

More specifically, the weekend after Easter. On the 7th of April, Psyonix new pass will be live – and we already know what to expect. Over 70- tiers, a ton of new items, some of which have been revealed, and a bunch of fun weekly challenges.

Easily the highlight of the new pass will be the Tyranno. You’ll unlock the Dominux hitbox car as soon as you buy the premium pass for the season – and then, later in the season, you’ll also be able to unlock Nascar and Formula 1 cars. They won’t be part of the pass though – they’ll be available in another format, to be announced later.

Tiers beyond 70 will no longer be hidden in this season – once you hit 70, you’ll be able to see what you can get for the next 30 levels. Additionally, if you’re close to your favorite reward but just can’t quite get there, well then you once again have the ability to buy Pro Tiers so you don’t miss out.

RL Season Pass Rewards

You can either grab the entire Rocket Pass bundle, unlocking the Tyranno as well as 12 bonus tiers, or you can go for the Premium pass, which will also give you the Tyranno, as well as new weekly and seasonal challenges beyond the 70 tiers of the ‘normal’ pass. In these tiers, you’ll get access to painted versions of a few of the pass items – which are tradeable!

If you’re not feeling like getting the new pass, you can also just enjoy the free stuff you get just for logging in – this time, that’s the Jester Topper (an adorable Jester hat), the Roskilde Wheels (very Mad Max meets Flintstones) and the Mechwing Decal Peregrine TT. Of course you’ll also have access to the free tier rewards as well, assuming you unlock them.

As always, if you manage to complete all of the free season challenges you can look forward to another reward – three drops. One Import, one Rare and one Very Rare one!

Do not forget we have plenty of RLCS action this weekend, as well as Gamers Assembly and The Field in Rocket League esports.

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