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StarCraft II World Team League 2021 Round 7 Predictions

The current StarCraft II World Team League 2021 is a major event for the game, with some big teams competing against each other. We are nearing the mid point of the season and Round 7 out of 11. The event is formally taking place in China, with teams competing for a prize pool just under $50,000. It kicked off in Match, but the league format is going to be running through June before finding a winner. 12 teams are competing in the event.

This is what’s been going on so far, and what you can expect to see at this weekend’s matches.

StarCraft II World Team League 2021 Week 7 Preview

The StarCraft WTL is winding towards the next round with Week 6, getting closer to a conclusion. The standings have so far cemented themselves over week five. The top five teams held their spots for the playoffs, and the gap between them has closed up significantly. There are now only four points between first and fourth place. Only a few teams are really out of the running, sitting on 0-1 points in the bottom three places. Aside from those teams, the roster is close going into week 6, this month’s events are going to be tight. These are the matches being played this week:

  • Invictus Gaming vs Team LaoPaoer
  • Team eXoN vs KaiZi Gaming
  • Afreeca Freecs vs Good Game Gaming
  • Team GP vs Dragon Phoenix Gaming
  • Alpha X vs Shopify Rebellion
  • Team NV vs Team Liquid

StarCraft II World Team League 2021 matches to watch

First, lets go through the more straightforward matches. Each of these is going to be an entertaining match up, but picking favorites is fairly straightforward. Between, Invictus and Team LaoPaoer, there should be an easy win for LaoPaoer.

Shopify Rebellion and Alpha X are squaring off in a match that shouldn’t change the two team’s rankings given their performance so far. I do think Shopify is winning this match in a drawn out series. Finally, Dragon Phoenix Gaming is also expected to take an easy win against Team GP if you look at StarCraft II Betting.

Moving on to the two key matches of next week..

Afreeca Freecs vs Good Game

The Afreeca Freecs against Good Game Gaming should be a good match up. They currently sit quite far apart in the standings, but GGG has had some very interesting series thus far. For Afreeca his is the last week they will have Kim “Stats” Dae Yeob at their disposal. He is set to leave Afreeca Freecs after Round 7 to do his mandatory his military service.

With NV hot in contention, AF really needs a clean win next week, as another poor performance could see them seriously drop. Current StarCraft II esports betting odds puts Freecs as an easy win, but an upset here could really cost them.

Team NV vs Team Liquid

This is another match that esports bookmakers are essentially calling as good as decided, with team NV expected to make a pretty easy win considering they have won every match thus far. They have stood out so far this tournament, and Team Liquid is unlikely to actually pull it off. However, there isn’t quite the same skill gap whereas we can see in the other matches going on. While the StaCraft II World Team League Week 7 matches all look quite one-sided, this is one where a surprise could happen.

Do not hesitate to play a singles bet on Team Liquid to pull off an upset here.

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