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StarCraft II – DH SC2 Masters Fall Finals Matches and Predictions

The StarCraft 2 Dreamhack 2021/22 Season has gotten off to an exciting start with the summer event. While it is still early, this week’s DH SC2 Masters Fall Finals marks the halfway point for this season. While it hasn’t been too long since the Summer, the tournament is always hitting its mid-point. The top players are going to be looking to distinguish themselves and rack up some great placements before we enter the Winter potions of the event.

The DreamHack events are some of the most post important for StarCraft. At this point in the season, the results here matter quite a bit. The teams that stand out in this week’s action are going to be the clear favorites for winning the overall events. This is what you need to know about the DH SC2 Masters Fall Finals and what you can expect:

DH SC2 Masters Fall Finals

The DH SC2 Masters Fall 2021 is the second seasonal stage of the 2021/2022 season. While pretty impactful for each player’s performance for a season, the event is only running for five days. It kicks off on the 7th of September and runs through to the 12th. This is how it’s going to work:

  • The event begins with a group stage. In this portion, 16 players compete against each other in groups of four. This is a dual tournament format
  • All matches here are best of 3
  • The top two players move forward into the playoffs

Following the group stages, the event will move onto the playoffs. Here a winner for the DH SC2 Masters Fall will be found out of the competitors. This portion is only going to be a single-elimination bracket, so there are no second chances. All of the matches are best of five here aside from the finals, which jumps up to best of 7.

Matches and Predictions

If you’re looking at StarCraft 2 Betting, then the Masters Fall finals are a big event to look towards. It can be tricky to call games ahead of time though. Players are close, the best StarCraft Players are all in contention here at the Masters Finals. If you’re looking at esports betting for the event though, then we can look at the odds on offer from esports bookmakers alongside the last performance of players. Considering these factors, these are the predictions we’ve got for the DH SC2 Fall Finals, with the winners in bold.

  • Need v PartinG
  • HeRoMaRinE v sOs
  • Clem v MaxPax
  • Dark v Probe
  • Time v Scarlett
  • Trap v Has
  • Serral v Zoun

Those are our picks for the first batch of matches looking at past performance and the overall odds. However, there can still be a fun surprise, especially in closer games like bunny v SpeCial and Time v Scarlett. In terms of an overall winner, that’s a little harder to judge given the sheer number of top-quality players in competition here. Dark is a standout, and his recent matches make him a clear favorite to take the top spot. However, There are great players like Trap, Clem, and Serral all in competition too. A winner outside of those four would be pretty surprising, but it is still possible.

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