The Korea StarCraft League Season 4 Ends Next Weekend

The most important StarCraft tournament in Korea is quickly approaching its conclusion, with the grand final being scheduled 10 days from now. This week, the best players still in the race will lock horns in the semifinals which pit accomplished pro-gamers against the revelations of this KSL season. Zerg players have dominated the quarterfinals and have two representatives in the second to last act of the competition.

Korea StarCraft LEague Season 4

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Rain Cruises to another Korea StarCraft League Semifinal

Rain was credited as the main favourite to win the Korea StarCraft League, when the esports odds were published before the beginning of the tournament. The accomplished Protoss player has tremendous experience at this level and he has displayed dominance throughout the competition. He won Group B after dropping a single match against Best, before playing another Protoss in the quarterfinals. Rain once again lost the first match of the series against Snow before winning three consecutive games and the quarterfinal.

StarCraft fans are in for a treat because Rain’s opponent in the semifinals is the revelation of this Korea StarCraft League season. Zero was on the verge of elimination in the Round of 16, but he played in a group full of Terran and Zerg players. After surviving a highly contested decisive round, he took on the first Protoss player and once again came on top by the narrowest of margins. His victory over Mini came as a surprise and Zero is hoping to cause another upset against an even better Protoss opponent.

ArcaneBet offers odds of 9/20 on a Rain victory and 8/5 on Zero to eliminate another top seed.

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Light and SoMa Aim for Their First KSL Final

Light has had his fair share of games against Zerg opponents, but the most difficult match is yet to come. In the second semifinal, scheduled on November 21, he will play against the winner of Group C and the strongest performer from the quarterfinals. SoMa was the only player to sweep his opponent in the first round of the playoffs and he is hoping for a ZvZ final against Zero. This is his strongest matchup, while his performances against Terran opponents have left some to be desired.

Light was always in control of his series at the Korea StarCraft League Season 4, winning the opening match. He was also able to cover the -1.5 spread each time and he is the more experienced player of the two locking horns in the second semi final. Light plays his best against Zergs, so he is also hoping for a final against Zero, as his chances to defeat Rain are slim. Against the iconic Protoss player, the winner of the semi final will start that the underdog.

Rivalry prices Light at 2/5, while offering odds of 17/10 to those willing to bet on SoMa.

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