New Street Fighter 6 Dynamic Controls are going to save button mashers

With constant new showcases and the Street Fighter 6 beta, we’re always learning more about the game. The next instalment in the huge fighting game franchise adds the latest batch of news including something which on the surface might be controversial. GameInformer got the original scoop during their recent cover story visit at Capcom HQ.

Street Fighter 6 dynamic controls, a new control scheme, comes alongside standard controls and modern controllers. This is a whole new way to play, but as a more accessible option rather than a core change to the game, and it looks pretty harmless so far. It’s being billed so far as the “control scheme for the button masher”.

AI Contrller SF 6

Traditionally a bad thing in fighting games is the inexperienced player who just whacks face buttons. At its heart, it is an easy mode that allows players to play competently even if all they’re doing is mashing buttons. The dynamic controls involve an AI kind of playing for you, so is it still Street Fighter 6?

It looks like a great mode for accessibility, and there are some things which should prevent Street Fighter 6 dynamic controls from becoming a problem for players.

Street Fighter 6 Dynamic Controls

Street Fighter 6 is planned to have three different controls scheme. The first is original or classic, basically how Street Fighter has always handled. Players who have spent decades building up muscle memory doing inputs will probably just stick to these, the way Street Fighter was designed to be played. Modern Controls let players use special moves and more complicated inputs without having to learn the very specific combos. There’s also going to be a third mode now, Street Fighter 6 Dynamic Controls.

This is going to be a method of controlling where you’re not entirely in control. Instead, an AI is going to be determining which move you use. If you’re pressing buttons, it’ll determine which is the best move for you in that context and use it. Players still have control over some aspects of gameplay, but the AI does a lot of work here.

An example given is your character’s position. If you’re mashing face buttons with a gap between you and an opponent, Street Fighter 6 dynamic controls might throw out a projectile. If you’re up close, up, a combo. This should mean even players with no idea of controls might appear to be playing competently, as the game picks out their controls for them.

Players do still have some control though. Their positioning is entirely dependent on the player and you can still throw out parries. It does seem like a much simpler and less hands-on version of the controls though. Dynamic controls are all based on context, with the game making the decisions for you.

The original detailing the new scheme published by GameInformer:

Street Fighter 6 Becoming More Accessible

The new dynamic controls for Street Fighter 6 aren’t a replacement for the other control schemes. It’s also not going to be available online. No one is going to be rising up the ranks playing with an AI control scheme. However, for local play, it’s going to make things simpler. Playing with friends isn’t going to be limited by who knows the inputs.

Dynamic Controls are a nice touch for accessibility. They likely aren’t going to factor into more competitive play though, as they shouldn’t. Modern controls are a different story, with recent quotes from the director saying he expects modern Controls to compete with classic even in competitive play. Getting a more accessible mode is a nice touch. While it does seem quite heavy-handed in how much it does for the player, it’s going to make Street Fighter easier than ever for new players to get involved in.