Subliners, Thieves staring down easy bounties in CDL Bounty Week

The Major III Week Two qualifier got bit of a twist with the addition of cash bounties. Breach, Rokkr and Mutineers earned $10,000 by winning the Day 1 matches. We are heading into day two of the Call of Duty League Bounty Week. Today, Legion meet Subliners while Thieves face Surge in bounty matchups.

CDL Saturday Bounty Week

One of the main reasons why these cash prizes are added for the matches this weekend is because CDL noticed that the matches played in this week’s qualifier are quite close. All of the teams are only one or two positions from each other in the qualifier, which promises some exciting games as winning them will not only definitely improve their ranking in the qualifiers, but also land them a nice cash prize.

Remaining bounty matches this weekend

  • Paris Legion VS New York Subliners – Saturday, May 21st, 12PM PT/ 3PM ET
  • Los Angeles Thieves VS Seattle Surge – Saturday May 21st, 1:30PM PT/ 4:30PM ET
  • Optic Texas VS Atlanta Faze – Sunday, May 22nd, 1:30PM PT/ 4:30PM ET

EZ Money for Subliners and Thieves tonight

First up, we have to fairly one sided match in the first bounty race tonight. NY Subliners will face Paris Legion in the bottom of the standings duel. Both teams are having a tough season so far, with Subliners marginally better, especially after winning Pro-Am Classic. Legion is down this bad this season with 2W – 13L record down at the bottom of the standings. NYSL is only marginally better at 5W – 10L but in terms of performance they are looking a whole tier better.

The second bounty match is way closer. Both Thieves and Surge are looking to get way from the middle-pack teams and earn their bounty on the day. Based on how both teams looked this past month, we have to do give this one to the LAT. Surge will challenge, and this might be a coin-toss match, but in the end Thieves look better pound-for-pound.

Grudge Matches to close out of the day

We have two bagers to round out the day between Rokkr/Mutineers and Breach/FaZe. Both the MIN and ATL seem better on paper, especially when taking the season into consideration. However, one of these two matches will be an upset for sure, I just can’t put my finger on which one. If we really have to put down a selection, I’d select Breach to upset FaZe as payback for the Major 2 elimination.

You still have time to lock in your pick’em predictions.

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