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Super Smash Bros
November 9, 2022

Le’Veon Bell wants to run the biggest Smash Bros tournament ever

Le’Von Bell is a well-known name in the NFL, but now he’s left his team it seems he’s turning his attention over to Super Smash bros. The fighting game is…
Super Smash Bros
November 4, 2022

Yoshidora breaks Elite Smash win record and its fully on stream

Smash isn’t well known for having a great online experience, yet every now and again though something happens which makes players sit up and take notice of what’s going on…
Super Smash Bros
October 27, 2022

Smash Summit 14 is stacked with a roster of Smash Bros superstars

Smash Summit 14 is fast approaching. It’s set up to be a climatic tournament for Melee, coming after one of the game’s most exciting few months in quite a while.…
Super Smash Bros
October 25, 2022

Leffen Calls for controller and Jigglypuff ban after losing to Hungrybox

This weekend saw both Viva la Smash and the Ludwig Invitational take place. Stacked rosters made the final brackets a must-watch. Not everyone left happy though. Leffen is calling for…
Super Smash Bros
October 20, 2022

Viva La Smash is Mexico’s brand new Smash Bros Major

Mexico City’s brand new Smash major is about to kick off this weekend with Viva La Smash. This tournament is bringing Melee and Ultimate action to Mexico with its inaugural…
Super Smash Bros
October 18, 2022

Let’s Make Moves Miami brings Smash Bros to the beach

Let’s Make Moves, one of the biggest events for Smash Ultimate is expanding this year. The goal is to bring top-level Smash competition to Miami. Organized by Even Matchup Gaming,…
Super Smash Bros
October 13, 2022

Can aMSa Repeat his Yoshi feat at The Off-Season Smash event?

Last weekend saw a huge new feat achieved in a esport over two decades in the making. Yoshi won a major in Super Smash Bros Melee. This weekend the season…
Fighting Games
October 11, 2022

aMSa delivers Yoshi’s first Smash Major win after 21 years of Melee

Smash Melee is fairly well-worn territory, with evolution coming slowly. After so many years, you’d think we’d be free of major upsets and movements in the meta. However, the Big…
Super Smash Bros
October 4, 2022

The Big House 10 – Smash Tournament format and players to watch

Big House 10, one of the best events on the competitive calendar for Smash is fast approaching. This is the latest installment of the series, expecting a huge crowd drawn…
Fighting Games
September 30, 2022

Lost Tech City 2022 hosts Smash, MultiVersus, Guilty Gear this weekend

Lost Tech City 2022 is kicking off over the weekend, with big tournaments for loads of the major fighters. The main event is going to be Smash Bros, with competitions…
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