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Super Smash Bros
June 20, 2022

MKLeo wins e-Caribana Smash Tournament over quiK

Smash Bros is one of the most active fighting games at the moment, with upcoming tournaments like the Panda Circuit and Gimvitational opening things up. One recent tournament was a…
Super Smash Bros
June 8, 2022

MKLeo beats Sparg0 at Relax & Smash, rivalry intensifies

Last week saw the finals of Relax and Smash take place at GeekFest Cancún. While it’s the Panda Circuit that’s the most anticipated event right now, this tournament is the…
Super Smash Bros
June 3, 2022

GimR’s Gimvitational to feature crowdfunded prize pool and banger lineup  

Between co-founding the Smash World Tour and his recent Slingshot tech, GimR has definitely made a name for himself recently. The player is continuing in this with the launch of…
Super Smash Bros
May 29, 2022

Panda Cup Circuit – Entire season of Smash Bros tournaments unveiled

The Super Smash Bros scene has been pretty busy lately, with a lot of majors like Smash Summit 13 and Low Tide City running. However, the tournament that’s just had…
Super Smash Bros
May 13, 2022

Smash Summit 13 weekend and Slingshot Tech Upends Ultimate

Super Smash Bros is in the middle of a busy season, with a lot of major tournaments going down. We’re coming up on Smash Summit 13, where Zain has a…
Super Smash Bros
May 6, 2022

Story behind Ninja’s failed Smash Bros tournament finally revealed

Ninja has become synonymous with game streaming, and the player has expanded out to tournaments in the past. He’s been the organizer behind Fortnite events featuring some of the best…
Esports News
May 2, 2022

Sparg0 takes third Major at Low Tide City 2022 – Rethinking Power Rankings

Smash Bros might not be at EVO this year, but we’re in the midst of a lot of majors for the game. The busy season has continued this week with…
Super Smash Bros
April 25, 2022

Pound 2022 – Zain wins another Major and Gluttony defeats MKLeo

One player has been completely dominating Super Smash Bros during the current busy period. Zain won his second straight Major at Pound 2022, continuing his domination in 2022. Over in…
Super Smash Bros
April 18, 2022

Zain and MKLeo domination at Smash Genesis 8 teases a hectic summer

Smash Bros Genesis 8 major was just held over the weekend, with exciting action across all areas of Smash Bros. The event held both a major for Ultimate and Melee,…
Super Smash Bros
April 8, 2022

Serpent Showdown – Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament with Mod HDR

Super Smash Bros is a long series with multiple games always having an active esports scene. Although, even with three different incarnations of the game regularly in competition, fans and…
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