The Great Push is WoW’s new one-off event for 2021

This week Blizzard launched The Great Push, a new competitive dungeon tournament. This is the first one of its kind for this year, it is open to all players and will allow teams to compete in a more classic World of Warcraft format. They’re competing in a dungeon crawler, but with a completely new way of measuring success. Rather than competing against a clock, you’re just trying to perform better in this event. The Great Push’s registration runs through May, and is open to all players.

The Great Push is going to be a side event from the main Mythic Dragon International tournament, with a looser, more open format for players. That event is still right on the horizon. However, the first one-off tournament for a year is an exciting change. This is what you need to know about the new event:

WoW The Great Push

The Great Push Tournament

The Great Push is a new and open tournament format for World of Warcraft. With open registration, anyone can enter and take a run at this dungeon. This is the first one off tournament for the year, and it’s coming with a new method of scoring. While World of Warcraft has had plenty of dungeon competitions, but this one stands out a bit.

This is how it is going to work:

  • The Great Push is a stand-alone tournament, outside of any ongoing events.
  • Teams compete in fives. Anyone can register and take a crack at the competition. The overall event has a $20,000 prize pool. Registration is open until May 17th.
  • The event begins with a qualifier phase called the Proving Grounds. This will take place May 22-23.
  • The Proving Ground has teams compete in two dungeon keystone combinations, going up in difficulty.
  • The top teams move forward, eventually going into the main tournament.
  • The main event sees six teams compete across different Shadowlands Dungeons, attempting to push their keystones higher.
  • The winning team is the one with the highest overall score.

The Great Push is having players compete to push their keys higher, rather than completing the dungeon in the lowest time.

WoW Competitive and the Great Push

This new event is something different for the game. It is a move towards an open tournament style, and an experiment with different ways of measuring success. WoW isn’t the most natural esport, so experimenting with metrics for tournaments is a good thing. It opens things up, and helps WoW to find a more full competitive slate of events. Although, a different metric could complicate things like esports betting.

While The Great Push is an open event, the MDI Global Finals are still upcoming. This is another Dungeon event and one of the biggest of the year for World of Warcraft. Make sure you catch that if you’re interested in this game’s competitive side.

You have about a week left to register if you are interested. You can do so at the following link.

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