TSM Rainbow Six roster finally awake for NAL 2022 Stage 2

TSM has a cult following of R6 fans after they won the Six Invitational 2022, which immortalized their namesake as a champion. Yet, we can’t overlook Stage 1 of the North American League being a blunder for TSM. It left fans upset and critiquey after their seventh-place finish.

Coming into Stage 2, TSM is back on the grind and may finally be on the mend.

TeamSoloMid at the NA League 2022 Stage 2 thus far

The NAL 2022 Stage 2 is a phenomenal run for TSM thus far, defeating Mirage and Soniqs. Particularly defeating Soniqs is quite the accomplishment, considering TSM lost during their previous encounter.

Diving into the victories, TSM did well throughout the series vs Mirage, except for two light throws. Whereas the match against Soniqs left us in awe with how well-executed TSM’s game plan is. They spent an absurd duration on wiping the top floor cleanly but still managed to breach the defense in later floors timely.

However, Oxygen Esports broke TSM’s 2-day winning spree by pushing overtime to snatch the series. In hindsight, both rivals had a close series (7-5 in favor of Oxygen), so it’s nothing to scoff at. Interestingly, the post-match handshake indicated there might be beef between Ethan “Nuers” James and Jason “Beaulo” Doty, as the latter did the awkward high-five into Nuers’ handshake.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a phenomenal performance for TSM, considering they lost every match at the previous stage.

Merc is the MVP from TeamSoloMid

Arguably the toughest role in R6, the entry fragger. Bryan “Merc” Wrzek did a tremendous job in ensuring his team gets the opening they need. TSM relies on Merc for the accurate frags as the first player to show up at enemy defense. Watching Merc’s killing spree is a good enough reason to prioritize him as a threat. With great responsibilities, comes entitled awards, Merc certainly deserves the SI 2022 MVP award for the great work.

Another notable player is Matthew “Achieved” Solomon, who has a KDA, which rival his fellow teammate, Merc. While not handling the role as the power forward, he served well as a reliable back-up, which consistently closed out the victories.


Bryan “Merc” Wrzek

Surviving a rough Six Invitational season

Frankly, it hasn’t been sunshine and flowers for TSM just last season. Underwhelming regional results coupled with COVID-related handicap during Mexico major made TSM look shabby at best. Definitely not a team any fan would expect to be in the running for SI 2022.

Yet, TSM prevailed and shocked the crowd with an impossible run. Starting their run from closed qualifiers, and eventually making their way to the grand finals was no easy feat, so it’s just about the most inspiring underdog runs we had in R6 history.

Was TSM’s victory at SI 2022 a fluke?

Well, we can’t say for certain. After the recent Stage 1 letdown, it doesn’t look like TSM is an unstoppable force for other NAL 2022 Stage 2 candidates to be worried about. Oxygen made it look easy on their way out, making TSM’s efforts look worthless. Even TSM’s initial wins against Soniqs and Mirage just highlight the opponents’ decent improvements. For instance, fans were impressed with Zachary “Nyx” Thomas after he almost clutch the rounds and could have dismantled TSM alone.

Soniqs’ loss was reasonable as well, considering they just made minor mistakes throughout the gameplay but played well in the bigger picture as a team. Hence, hold your cheers just yet because TSM still has Playdays worth of matches to redeem themselves. And of course, they should have their eyes set on the Berlin Major in August this year.